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Fictional Podcasts: a Break That Doesn’t Take Time

So this year has been incredibly crazy for everyone, and as a student, this school year has caused me so much stress I don’t even want to think about it. Especially now that the school year is coming to an end, I need a break from the constant stream of papers, projects, and tests. However taking a few hours to watch some videos or shows, or even do some simple self-care isn’t always an option. Having so much to do with such little time, stopping to do something else isn’t always the best option- so being able to enjoy some content while working is something that has become a necessity to these long work hours. Podcasts have sort of become my go-to source of entertainment because I can enjoy them without having to pay too much attention to a screen or interact with something like in a game. 

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However, listening to podcasts that talk about current events, issues, or even just real things can really be distracting and even sometimes upsetting. So in search of entertainment that doesn’t involve real people and their real issues and thoughts, finding fictional podcasts has been a huge help in supplying me with distractions. A few of them don’t follow the episodic format, which means that I can pick a random episode, hit play, and tune out the real world for at least twenty minutes. Those that do follow the episodic format are easy to follow and don’t require too much attention away from my work and provide plenty of entertainment. The two that have recently caught my attention are one’s called ‘Welcome to Nightvale’ and ‘The Magnus Archives’. These two podcasts provide me with some much-needed distractions, and plenty of fascinating plot lines to follow and be entertained by. I don’t want to speak too much on the plot of these on the off chance that some of you listen to them, but I greatly enjoy and appreciate the creators of these podcasts. Not only am I listening to something that entertains me, but I’m also supporting smaller independent creators on large streaming platforms such as Spotify, which is something that I often try to do. So between taking a break from homework, supporting small creators, and enjoying great content- fictional podcasts have definitely helped me through this busy crazy year in both school and life. Fictional works have always been a great escape from reality, and being able to enjoy them in an audio format has been extremely helpful, and can be especially helpful to people who struggle with sitting still and reading books. 

Overall podcasts, fictional or otherwise, are a great way to take a break and enjoy something that interests you. Not only are you able to take a break, but being able to support creators in the middle of this pandemic is something that is hugely appreciated by those putting effort into these projects. So to everyone struggling through these last few weeks in this semester- you got this, and make sure to take breaks whenever you can! Whether you take my recommendations or have your own methods- pausing your studies or work to take care of yourself is something that should be valued. So keep working towards your goals, and make sure that you never lose sight of your own health and happiness! 

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