flat lay of makeup

Exploring New Makeup to Try

When purchasing make up, some people don’t know what to buy. So a few friends and I collected up different products we owned or went out to buy. We collected eyeshadow, lipstick or gloss, highlight, and mascara. All the products here range in prices, brands, colors, and quality. Keep in mind that these are just the overall opinion of five 18+ girls. Each thing had over 20 options so we just picked our favorites or some of the best products. 



We had so many palettes to go through to decide what we liked or what we thought about each. Each palette has its pros and cons. We picked 6 palettes to fill you in on. 

1. The Nubian from Juvia’s Place ($20)

The packaging is compact, slim and simple. There is no mirror on the inside. The colors in the palette are neutral with an even number of matte and shimmer. The shimmer is smooth. The colors barely have any fallout. The pigmentation is strong and easy to blend. The palette is affordable with great neutral colors. Perfect for a starter.


2. Conspiracy by Jeffree Star & Shawn Dawson ($52)

There is nice packaging with a different shape. Do not stack on it though. There is a huge mirror in the case. The colors are a mixture of matte and shimmer. The shimmer is not just on top but throughout the entire piece. There is a lot of fallout though so be careful. The pigmentation is strong and blendable. You get this if you're a collector. This is not for a starters.


3. The Saharan from Juvia’s Place ($20)

The packaging is slim and simple. There is no mirror on the inside. The colors are more neutral with a few colors that pop. There are more shimmer than matte. Shimmers look chunk but really are smooth. There is barely any fallout. Pigmentation is strong and pretty blendable. This is an affordable palette with high end quality. Okay for a starter if they want more warm tones. 


4. Morphe X James Charles ($39)

Big packaging, but sleek. There is no mirror. The Palette is a complete set of neutrals and a rainbow of others. There is an even amount of shimmer and matte. The shimmers tend to be a mixture of sheer and full. There is a normal amount of fallout. The pigmentation is very strong. You would buy this for the name. This is a palette that has all the colors with a good quality. Not meant for a starter.


5. Morphe X Jeffree Star ($35)

This packaging is sleek, holographic and appealing to the eye. It has a big mirror on the inside. This is a pink color story palette. The amount is even between mattes and shimmers. These shimmers are buildable, but start sheer. There is a normal amount of fallout. The pigmentation is solid. You are paying for the name and a unique color story. Not for a starter.


6. Paradise Enchanted by L'oreal Paris ($15) 

The packaging is slim and fragile. There is no mirror on the inside. The color is a neutral palette and is something to pick up from every store. There is an even number of shimmer and neutral. The shimmers are buildable and come off easily. There is a lot of fallout. The pigmentation is good and not chalky. This smells like peaches. Basic drugstore palette for starters.



We each pulled out our favorite lipstick. We had a variety of colors; some normal and some fun ones. 

1. Diamond Milk by Fenty Beauty ($19) 

The color is a clear, whit-ish glitter that lasts maybe an hour. It is shimmery, not sticky and heavy, and is named after Rihanna.


2. 258 from Ulta ($20) 

This is a neutral pink that is matte. It lasts for a few hours. The container is small and short.


3. Androgyny by Jeffree Star Cosmetics ($18) 

The color is a plum mauve, it lasts for a couple hours. It is a matte stick. You can buy it for the name.


4. Afternoon Heat by Nyx ($6) 

It is a true red and lasts for about an hour. It is very smooth.


5. Snowcone by Jeffree Star Cosmetics ($18)

It’s color is green shimmer that lasts for a couple of hours. It has some shimmer. You buy it for the name and packaged like a bullet.


6. Yuppie by Rimmel London ($5) 

The color is a neutral pink that lasts for a couple hours. It is a matte stick. It is a whipped formula.



Several highlighters were loved and it came down to putting our favorites in a hat and pulling a few out randomly. 

1. Flexitarian by Colourpop ($8) 

The color is like a champagne. There is no mirror. It has a creamy feeling along with a blinding shine.


2. Heaven’s Hue Highlighter by Stila ($32)

The color is pink and buildable. It has a putty texture. This product gives a wet effect on the face. It has a mirror inside. 


3. Any Color of Wet n Wild ($5)

It has mega glow and powder. It has a lot of fallout. Very good product. It was everyones favorite.


4. Apricot Jam by Peach Party ($5) 

It is a color wheel containing three different colors. It is semi blinding. It has a little mess on the fallout end. 


5. Nefertitio by Juvia’s Place ($15) 

It is a champagne color. It is buildable. This can cause a big mess since it is a loose powder. Can use lotion to add to glow.



We went to the store and bought random mascaras, they are basic drug store ones so not crazy expensive or hard to find.

1. Lash Paradise by L'oreal Paris ($11) 

A black and voluminous mascara. This product is not waterproof. 


2. Ubame Mascara ($24) 

It is black and buildable. The brush has 3 bumps. This product is not waterproof.


3. Mega Protein by Wet n Wild ($5)

It is black and a little clumpy. The brush is spiraled. It is a small bottle. This product is not waterproof.


4. Falsies by Maybelline ($11)

It is light black. It has push up drama and is hydrofuge. The product is not waterproof.


5. Full Lash Bloom by covergirl ($7)

It is black and very clumpy. This product is waterproof as long as you don't stand under heavy water pounding on your face.


6. Lashblast fusion by covergirl ($7) 

It is black and has the ability to clump sometimes if you build too much. This product is not waterproof.