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Everything You Need to Know About the JeffreeXShane Palette

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SAU chapter.

If you’re a Shane Dawson stan like I am, you were probably psyched to hear that he is coming out with a makeup collaboration with Jeffree Star. I’ve been watching his docu-series, The Beautiful Life of Jeffree Star, religiously and watching for updates on Twitter and Instagram. As well as being an amazing marketing campaign with the hype it’s building, it’s periodically giving us small bits of information about this upcoming release. Here is a compilation of all the important things you need to know about this upcoming line.

1. What is all going to be in this collection?

There will be one full-sized eyeshadow palette with the standard Jeffree Star 18 pans called the Conspiracy Palette, one mini pallet with 9 shades called Mini Controversy, six liquid lipsticks, and multiple merchandise items. The merch has already been released on Shane’s new site and includes a pig mirror, new hoodies, sweatpants, and backpacks. New makeup bags will also be released with the line.


2. The shades in the pallet 

The names include: Flat Earth, Ranch, Trisha, Diet Root Beer, Just A Theory, Not A Fact, Controversy, Illuminati, My Uber’s Here, Inside Job, Diet Cola, PIGment/Oink, Cheeto Dust, Flaming Hot, TanaCon, Irrelevant, Cry On My Couch and Sleep Paralysis. Shane’s new logo will be stamped into the shades, as well as several other designs. These stamps include glasses of tea and Rootbeer, a few pig designs, and “illuminati” symbols. As of Shane’s video today, we still haven’t gotten a glimpse of the final box design or shade setup.

3. The lipstick shades 

There will be six liquid lipsticks in the collection, with the box set being in the shape of his new pig face logo. Shane: Deep bronzed brown with a metallic finish. Shane describes it as a “fancy root beer” color. Are You Filming?: True red with a matte finish. Ryland: Frosty pink with a metallic finish. I Gotta Go: Dusty rose gold with a metallic finish. Jeffree, What The F***: Deep hot pink with a matte finish. Oh My God: Baby pink with a matte finish.

4. Places to purchase the collection

In the fourth part of the series, they discussed with Morphe the possibility of the collaboration being a Morphe exclusive, but apparently the plans fell through. Jeffree announced on Twitter that the collection will be available on the Jeffree Star Cosmetics website and in ALL of the retailers that stock his products, including Morphe. As of right now there is no word on the price, but most of Jeffree’s palettes fall within the $40-$60 rage, so the palette alone is probably going to be similar.


5. The release date 

The collection will be launching on Friday, November 1st at 10 am PST.


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