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Ending the Semester with a List of Quotes from My Friends

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SAU chapter.
  • Aggressively phoning it in
  • Vulnerability is punk
  • Nothing is too much, it’s just camp
  • We could be a little more snicker snack
  • Our editorial team would swipe right, but not text first
  • Vitamin D engage
  • That shot was like a tired kangaroo, out of bounds
  • I’m the kind of crazy that saves lives
  • Nobody’s gonna buy your shirt if you’re not in the paper
  • Can you woman my lemonade?
  • She’s built like a carp
  • That horse does a lot of cardio
  • It tastes like the idea of a coconut
  • I’m just being a dumb fork
  • Just don’t pay them. That’s what I did. See you in Tijuana
  • The crab show is on. I can’t be doing this. It’s a new episode and I can’t have all these distractions 
  • Why are you so forgiving for potatoes?
  • Going to the doctor for the first time in 14 years. Never stop chasin 
  • When in the clutch moment, pick the disc that matches not only your shirt, but your hair. Make it all match
  • Ethics is like an aneurysm… in my brain
  • If I die, I will still haunt the narrative
  • Should I be considered ethically problematic?
  • A girl trying for a man…. Never
  • You can’t say anything about them being a large mouth bass because that’s a sexy fish. I’m going to call you an alligator gar
  • A few hours? You already know I’m about to bust a funky move. Broski you aren’t even prepared for my sock game tomorrow 😤
  • Flex on them haters and watch us ball
  • But what if it’s not a phase? Cuz hello kitty and pink is a lifestyle
  • Sharks are your stingrays
  • I like the seeds we’re sowing
  • Please don’t let that be my stroke word
  • If you don’t have questions, your memoir is gonna suck
  • The language is smackin’ and we’re snicker snackin’
  • Power to the poet
Kirsten is an editor at HC@SAU. Beyond HC, Kirsten is involved on campus with the Quercus social media and editorial teams. She plans to attend St. Ambrose University to pursue her master's degree in Speech-Language Pathology. Kirsten is majoring in Psychology with a minor in Communication Sciences and Disorders. In her free time, Kirsten likes to write poetry, play disc golf, and try out family-owned restaurants! A fun fact about Kirsten is that she loves whale sharks.