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DM makes miracles again

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SAU chapter.

They don’t dance for the glory or the fame or to make a name for themselves on campus. They dance for the kiddos. The ones who might not get to go to their first school dance or have those awkward years or make a name for themselves.

Members of St. Ambrose University Dance Marathon do it For The Kids. And they did it again on Saturday March 28.

Over 700 dancers raised $175,130.03 for the kids.

The Big Event started at noon on Saturday, but teams began assembling prior to that. Throughout the 12 hour event, students listened to stories of families receiving support from the Children’s Miracle Network (where all of SAU DM’s money will go), donated their hair, painted their faces, ran on treadmills, fought in laser tag, played games with the kiddos and of course, danced.

Every hour on the hour all of the dancers gathered in the Rogalski Center Ballroom to participate in the morale dance led by the Executive Board, morale captains and members of other committees. This mash-up of numerous songs was a way to unify all of the dancers and remind them why they were there.  Prior to each morale dance, a family spoke. These families are associated with SAU DM, so anytime they need help, dance marathon members can babysit the kids or visit them in the hospital. These families are also invited to numerous events that dance marathon holds throughout the year as a way to remind the dancers what they are raising money for, and to help give the families a break from their daily stress of having a child with cancer.

As the night wound down, just one activity remained: The Big Reveal.

Members of the finance committee stood on the stage with signs proclaiming SAU DM FTK while the Executive Board, other committee members and dancers waited anxiously. As the papers fell and the committee revealed all of the hard work and dedication that those 700 plus people put into dance marathon, students and families applauded, cheered and hugged with tear-filled eyes.

St. Ambrose University Dance Marathon reached their goal and then some by raising $ 175,130.03 to support Children’s Miracle Network and all of their families.

One can only bet that plans for next year are already in full swing.