College Move Out Day Tips

There are only about 2 weeks left before summer here at SAU! Everyone is excited to go home, but dreading move out day.


Move out day--honestly worse than move-in day in my opinion.


On move-in day there are more people packed tight in the elevators and fighting over parking, but it’s also fun to organize your dorm room and make it cute and decorated!...on move out day, you have to pack everything after a long week of finals, drive, often, hours home, and then unpack unorganized bags.


Last year, despite how much I did in advance, move out day was bad!

This year I have adjusted my plans and methods to make it more smooth and less stressful!


Below are 5 tips to make move out day a breeze.


  1. Start now!!! ----Yes there are still two weeks, but that time flies by! Especially while you are cramming for finals! Start with your winter clothes that you still have in your closet, your room decorations that you can live without for a while, and literally everything shoved under your bed.

  2. Gather all your bags, boxes, and suitcases before you pack so you know what needs to go where. Last year I had to rearrange every bag multiple times. Sure this will still happen a few times, but knowing what you have to work with will save time.

  3. Use IKEA bags for clothing that you typically keep in your drawers & for extra bedding. Use TJ Maxx bags for lightweight, decorations and breakable items. Use full-sized trash bags for clothing that is on hangers so you don’t have to rehang everything when you get home. Use reusable grocery bags for kitchen & bathroom supplies.

  4. Start cleaning out your desk asap. There is usually a lot of trash that you can clean out which will save you later. Also this way you can make sure you have all of the textbooks you need to return! If you are selling books, post them now so others can potentially buy them before the summer! Less to pack for you and one thing they won’t have to stress about in the fall.

  5. Try to pack in small increments. Don’t do it all at once or everything will be unorganized and you will not enjoy any part of it! Make it so that on the actual move out day you just have to pack a few minor things!