A Change in Perspective

 So, I came into college with this whole plan laid out that I would graduate in 3 years and immediately go to grad school. This was going great until COVID.

            In my first year and a half of college I took as many credits as I could and I really was trying to “speed’’ through college. I took extra classes over breaks and had fun with it. However, I was not really experiencing college. I was only ever working, doing homework or practicing for my sport. It wasn’t until I got COVID that my perspective changed.

            I had COVID the second week into the semester and I was in isolation for a week and a half. That being said I missed a lot of class and as a biology major, isolation really affected my performance in some of my biology courses. Unfortunately, I had to drop a class and this really messed up my whole three year plan. At first, I was really disappointed by this, however after a lot of thinking I realized that this might have been the best thing to happen on me.

Woman working at desktop computer Photo by Nicole Wolf from Unsplash

            It took a lot to readjust my perspective but some things that really helped was looking at how much more time this would allow me to focus on the courses I am taking. Looking at next year’s schedule I realized that I will have the time to focus on one class per day and really digest what’s going on. I also realized that this will no longer feel like a race to finish my degree. I feel like this will also give me more time to really enjoy my last two year of undergrad.

            While it took me a lot to readjust my perspective, I realized that more good things will result from this change than I originally had thought. What I had viewed as a failure previously had turned out to be one of the best things for me.