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Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in the QCA

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SAU chapter.

St. Patrick’s Day may fall on a Tuesday this year, so many students will be in classes, but the Quad Cities celebrates this day of green a little early. For any Bees who plan to spend Spring Break at home, they might consider returning to campus a few days early to partake in the Iowa’s largest St. Patrick’s Day party. 

The party starts on Saturday March 14 with CASI’s St. Patrick’s Day Race at the River Music Experience Courtyard. 

The party continues at 11:30 a.m on Saturday March 14 with the Quad Cities Grand Parade XXX in Rock Island and ends in downtown Davenport around 1:30 p.m. Don’t go home after the parade, though, because the River Center hosts a Post Parade Bash at the conclusion of the parade. The cost to attend the bash is $15 for non-members and includes food, drinks, music and awards from the parade. 

Throughout the entire weekend, Kelly’s Irish Pub on 53rd St. in Davenport will host a celebration including skydiving leprechauns, music, dancing corned beef and green beer. This event is free to get in and they provide a shuttle for anyone needing a ride home. Last year, 20,000 people attended Iowa’s largest St. Patrick’s Day party. 

For more information on any of these events visit www.stpatsqc.com and www.visitquadcities.com. 

So whether you’re Irish or not, or have big plans for Spring Break or not, the Quad Cities welcomes everyone to join in the St. Patrick’s Day celebration!