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Campus Celeb: Quetzal “Q” Morin

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SAU chapter.

Name: Quetzal “Q” Morin 

Grade: Junior 

Major(s): Public Relations and Journalism

Minor: Radio/TV

Hometown: New Lenox, IL

Relationship status: In a relationship

Campus involvement: President of SAU Habitat For Humanity, Peer Assistant Leader

Favorite color: BLUEEE

Favorite movies: Little Miss Sunshine and The Notebook.

Favorite TV show: The Office and Friends!

Favorite food: Anything that is spicy! Also, with chicken alfredo. 

Favorite place to eat: Chipotle, Steak & Shake, and Noodles & Company 

Favorite Music/Artist: Grouplove,The Front Bottoms, but mostly alternative music 

Favorite Midnight Snack: Popcorn

Who is your role model and why: Both my parents, they are leaders and hard workers. 

3 Words to describe yourself: Short. Excited. Happy

Dream adventure: Go to Guatamala and see the Quetzal bird I was named after. 

Something interesting about yourself: I have three kidneys. 

Dream job: PR for PIXAR

Hobbies: Service work, napping, watching Netflix with my roommates, finding new recipes to try with my roommates too :)

Plan after college: Hopefully get a job and have 50 puppies



****All photos from Quetzal Morin.

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