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Campus Celeb: Erin Blackburn

Say hello to this spunky sophomore, Erin. She loves her hampster, dog and all her friends at Ambrose. Getting to know this beauty would not be a mistake!

​Name: Erin Blackburn

Hometown: Homer Glen, IL

Year: Sophomore

Major: Nursing

Relationship Status: Single

Campus & Community Involvement: I write for the Odyssey and participate in Dance Marathon  

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite Meal: Chicken Wings

Favorite Midnight Snack: Cookie Dough

Favorite place to eat: Any place that has Chicago deep dish pizza

Favorite Music/Artist/Song: I listen to a lot of alternative music, but my favorite band is the 1975 and I don’t have a favorite song

Favorite Movie/TV Show: Can’t pick a favorite movie, but my favorite show is definitely The Office

3 Words that Describe You: Kind, Sarcastic, Easy-going

Something most people don’t know about you: My favorite thing is flowers, they are an easy way to cheer me up or make me smile

Guilty Pleasure: Listening to Taylor Swift

Hobbies: I’m really good at eating, sleeping, and attending concerts

Role Models: My mom

Where would you like to escape to: I would love to go back to Europe and travel

Dream Career: Neonatal Nurse Practitioner

Favorite place in the QC: I definitely love going down to the river front 

What is your ideal weekend: A fun weekend out with my friends doing new things

Best SAU memory: Dance Marathon

Best advice: Be kind to people no matter what, because a small act of kindness can make a world of a difference to that person.


All photos provided by Erin

My name is Kat and I chose to live the dream at St. Ambrose University.  During college I spent my time working, writing and enjoying time with friends.
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