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Meet Carrington Curphy. No, she is not pictured above because of the new rules, but she and I love Taylor Swift, hence the hero pic. She and I lived together our sophomore year and she has been the best roommate I have had thus far in my college career. She is sassy, sophisticated, and an amazing human being. 

Major and Minor? Nursing, Theology and Biology

Hometown? Gilman, Iowa 

Dream job? Pediatric nurse practitioner

Favorite Memory at SAU? Winning the conference track meet during my freshman year

Favorite Coffee Shop in the QC? 392 in downtown Davenport

Go to coffee order? White chocolate mocha 

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Photo by Maierean Andrei from Pexels

Favorite book you’ve read for class? The Great Gatsby Intro to Morals

What’s the next big adventure you want to go on? I’m going to see Taylor Swift in Boston this summer

Favorite bee joke? Anything related to the phrase “getting buzzed”

Favorite color combo? Pale Pink and Gray 

Best Professor you’ve had? Dr. Shannon Mackey 

The class you would recommend to incoming freshmen? Any theology class with Dr. Coomber

Favorite Taylor Swift song? Enchanted

What do you want your life to look like in ten years? I would like to be starting a family with a man I love. I want to be working my dream job at the Stead’s Children’s Hospital in Iowa City. I would also like to have experienced lots of traveling.

Social work and psych student going to grad school(send help) Gryffindor, Demigod, and reader of all the YA I can. Zodiac: Scorpio Fave flower: Snapdragon Fave color: Purple Fun Fact: I saw Pentatonix (2017) and Panic! at the Disco(2018) twice in one year
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