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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SAU chapter.
You might attend her group fitness classes, joining in on the zumba party!  Brianna Bellman has been a certified Zumba Instructor since June of 2011 and is working for her third semester through Campus Rec.  She was inspired to get certified to instruct zumba after attending the class of Beth Bly, an instructor at the West YMCA in Davenport.  Beth encouraged Brianna to become an instructor after recognizing her interest.  After Brianna’s certification, Beth mentored and choreographed with her.  For Brianna, zumba is not just a fitness class, but also an addiction.  The atmosphere of zumba classes and being an instructor are Brianna’s passions; she feels a strong connection with her students and always has a blast in class.  Brianna even chose to express her love for zumba by getting a tattoo of the zumba logo on her side.
The weekend of February 21st through the 23rd , Brianna went to Chicago along with the group fitness instructors of Campus Rec for the Midwest Fit Fest Conference.  The conference offered numerous classes of varities such as Body Bar Combat, Hip Hop Hustle, and Yoga.  Brianna hopes to use some of the moves and choreography that she learned in the hip hop and zumba sessions she attended, builing her skillset for the benefit of her class participants.  Specifially, she plans to use the techniques of the sessions Hip Hop Hustle; Kickin’ It, Shakin’ It: Turbokick VS Zumba; Werq; and Cardio Hip Hop.  This integration of different sessions from Midwest Fit Fest will provide a new twist to Zumba! 
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