The Best Two Person Halloween Costumes for this Year

Beanie Babies

The best part of this one is you can be anything you want. Bonus! You get to wear a onesie all night!

The Office

You can basically be any character you want because all of them are great!

Ketchup and Mustard

The best part of this costume is that as long as you or somebody else has a red or yellow colored sweatshirt you would just need to make a sign.

Salt and pepper

Same idea here but even a black and white shirt will do!



Woody and Buzz

Classic pairing that does not just have to be couples, two friends will look great as well!

Peter pan and his shadow

This just looks so cool - You can honestly do this with any character you want!

Bob Ross and his painting

You can get super creative with this one!

An old lady and a life alert button

Super creative and definitely will get a few laughs!

S’more and a fire

Love this one too, super versatile

Netflix and Chill

Again super easy with just a certain colored sweatshirt and a sign!





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