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Is being too busy a good thing?

St. Ambrose really does have busy bees. We are always on the go! But is it time to stop? Should we allow ourselves to finally breathe?

Trying to find a balance between work, school, and relationships can be hard and stressful. And they all affect each other. We need to find a balance between all of these. If we don’t, we won’t be happy. We will only be worn down. Start by looking at what area is causing you the most stress. Are you working too many hours? If you are, then ask if you can have less. Is it school? Do your homework instead of spending all of your free time staring at the wall or on your phone. Is it a person? Everyone is important, but that does not mean you have to be friends with everyone. Try distancing yourself away from them slowly.


Of course, everything seems easy when you have a way of thinking. It is easy to say that you should do homework instead of being stuck on YouTube, but not everyone can actually do this. Some people need 15 minutes on YouTube and then go back to studying. Some people need to study everything first and then have leisure time. But my only advice is to keep track of what your habits are. We fall into habits easily. If they are good habits, then more power to you. Sometimes they are not good habits, and with a lot of effort and time, we can be rid of them.

Enjoying your own company is also incredibly important. We can rely on others, but we must also rely on ourselves. It is great to socialize. However, sometimes we spend so much of our day being constantly busy and socializing that we never stop to think about ourselves. Listen to your body. Are you always tired? Then make time to sleep. Is someone making you feel uncomfortable? Then leave that situation. Your body knows what to do. You just have to act on it. 


Life is stressful. Stress won’t suddenly disappear once you are done with college. It will never go away, so try to manage how much stress you are allowing yourself to have.

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