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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SAU chapter.

College eventually turns into a trance – you don’t know who you are, what your calling is, the purpose of each assignment, or who you can really depend on at the end of the day. The sixteen week semesters can seem never-ending, the gaps between exams feel like hours, it seems as though you haven’t seen your family in years, and you haven’t left your desk in what feels like forever.

The beauty of this is the struggle you endure. It sounds twisted – I know – but it truly is the greatest feeling once you reach the breakthrough at the end of each semester when this trance ends—putting your pencil down one last time, closing your laptop, and knowing that you finally have a break. 

Looking back to that 3-month time frame where you hit rock bottom – once you’ve put a smile back on your face, the tension is gone in your back, you’ve taken time to do that 10-step skin care routine you’ve been avoiding, and gotten some time in with your friends – suddenly it’s all worth it. 

The struggle won’t last forever, and neither will the mindset that takes over your body. You’ll look back at this exact point in time and laugh one day. You’ll be able to tell someone you made it through. You’ll be someone’s inspiration to keep pushing. The semester will come to an end, and so will that horrible struggle. Your mind will return to your happy place, life will be okay again. 

With that being said – keep pushing. 

For those looking up to you, for that ounce of gratification at the end of each semester, and most importantly – for yourself.

Sooner or later, the trance will end. 

The bittersweet aspect of this is that you’ll wish it didn’t go by so fast. 

Suddenly you’ve moved home for Thanksgiving break when you realize you didn’t spend enough time with your friends, you spent too much time at your favorite study space, and you invested your whole being into your major. Take some time for yourself, go to that party, get your nails done, and close your books for the weekend. 

College is four short years of absolute chaos. Take advantage of every moment of that – whether it be soaking up every ounce of knowledge, or going to every party possible. Find your people, your passions, and what pushes you to be the best version of yourself. 

Find your balance, and don’t allow college to become a trance. 

Hi there!! My name is Kylee & I am a junior here at Ambrose! I am a level one nursing major this semester, and I am also involved in Dance Marathon and SSNA. In my free time I love going out with friends, random coffee runs, and facetiming my younger siblings. :)