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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SAU chapter.

This week’s campus celebrity is one of your senior picks for this year’s Homecoming Court, Andrea Rivera Casul! Most Bees know her as Andie and have probably seen her around campus working at Galvin Fine Arts Center or as the Assistant Hall Director in Cosgrove. All the way from Caguas, Puerto Rico, Andie is a Theatre Major with a minor in Radio/TV Production.

When she isn’t chatting it up with her residents in Cosgrove, one can find Andie singing, dancing or writing poetry. If she’s looking for some inspiration, Andie’s favorite motto to live by is “Cherish every memory, Love every moment, Embrace every possibility.”

While many people have a role model, Andie looks up to empowering humans. “I don’t have a specific person that I think is my single Role Model. I feel like I learn new things everyday from everyone I meet and see in the media,” she says.

This Bee was lucky to fall in love at Ambrose and can’t wait until she can start her own family while still staying involved with theatre and helping students. Upon graduation in the spring, Andie has many different passions that she is pursuing and hopes to just be happy with where her life is headed!

If you’re a freshmen looking for advice, Andie says, “Do what makes you happy. Reach out to people because at the end of the day people will not judge you if you ask for help. You and only you know where you stand, so know what makes you happy.”


3 things you may not know about Andie:

1. I worked this summer at the Boston Ballet for 5 weeks and it was so enriching!

2. I was a reporter and host for Hola America TV in the QC.

3.  I fell in love at Ambrose.  


Photo courtesy of: Andie’s Facebook Page

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