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Alexandria Keleher

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SAU chapter.

You may not see her walking around the main campus, but you will surely see her infectious smile walking to and from the health science building in her nursing scrubs. Meet Alexandria (Lexi) Keleher! 

Hometown: Orion, IL

Nickname: Lexi

Major: Nursing

Minor: Faithful Ethic in Health

Class: Currently a junior here at St. Ambrose 

Relationship Status: Taken 

Campus Involvement: I’m involved with Phi Eta Sigma, the national honor society on campus, as well as Nurses Christian Fellowship 

Favorite Food: Honestly, I love food…but if I had to choose a favorite, it would be homemade Mac n Cheese 

Favorite Drink: I’ve got to have my green tea! 

Favorite Color: Lavender 

Favorite TV Show: Grey’s Anatomy…even though McDreamy is gone 

 Favorite Movie: Bridesmaids

Favorite singer/songwriter: I could listen to Shania Twain all day long

Favorite Workout: ZUMBA

Hobbies: When I’m not busy with my school work (which is hardly ever), I like to sing and dance, play games, go shopping, watch movies, Hot Yoga, coloring, and spending time with my family and friends 

Dream Career: I’ve dreamed about being a nurse for as long as I can remember

Favorite place to eat: Los Agaves

Perfect Date: I’m a pretty simple gal, so I’m perfectly content with a dinner date at Olive Garden with some Whitey’s ice cream after 

Best thing to do for a girl’s night out: Occasionally going out on the town is what we try to do, but when that doesn’t happen…having some drinks, pizza, ice cream, and playing games or watching movies is ideal! 

If you could be any celebrity who would it be? Why?: I would probably want to be Carrie Underwood. She was a small town country girl who had a big dream of becoming a music artist. Her once dreams became true and her life is very successful! It goes to show that you can start out small and turn your dreams into a reality with a little faith.

Dream Adventure: I would love to go do a tour of Europe or visit Puerto Rico. Both are places where my ancestors are from.

Who is your role model? Why?:  I know it sounds cliche, but my mom is my role model. She’s a nurse and I’m always calling her when I have a break down. She always knows exactly what to say to bring me back up. When I feel like giving up, I remember how rewarding her job is and how much her patients love her. It makes me strive to become a nurse like that someday.

If you could be any Disney princess who would you be? Why?: Belle! I find myself to be kind of like her in the fact that I always have friends from a broad spectrum of groups. I also just love how sweet she is to all.

Best Memory at SAU so far: Meeting my roommates this year for the first time will forever be my favorite! When we first met and to this day, it is as if we’ve known each other for centuries. I couldn’t be happier to have them in my life. 

Fashion items you can’t live without:  I can’t live without my cross or my ring that has “Hope, Faith, Love” engraved on it

Advice for freshman nursing majors: Try not to get too overwhelmed. It seems like a lot, and you WILL have break downs. Just remember, it isn’t easy but it will be worth it. Take it one day at a time!

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