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Barbie is President (A side of Me: Episode 1)

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SAU chapter.

A side of Me: Episode 1

To be the President of Delta Alpha Pi

Hi my name is Veronica and I am the President of Delta Alpha Pi. I am an Early Childhood Education Major with an endorsement in Special Education and a minor in music. I am the DEI Ambassador and Run Her Campus.  I also have a role as a sexual assault advocate. When I first came to SAU I wasn’t a strong advocate for myself with my disability but I had a great friend Rachel who helped me along the way. When I first heard of DAPi my brain saw Greek letters and heard honor society which then immediately led to me turn away and think this could never be me because it never had been. Eventually Rachel pulled me into DAPi by letting me know that it was possible and I could do it so I decided I would try that was last fall. Now here I am inducted into the honor society and the president which were two things I never thought I could do. I recently remembered a quote “I can’t, I can, I am” Sometimes I think I can’t do something but then I remember that I can and it turns into I am doing it which is something DAPi has given me.

For those of you who don’t know what DAPi is, here is a short explanation. DAPi is an academic honor society founded to recognize high-achieving students with disabilities who are attending colleges and universities as undergraduate or graduate students. This dynamic organization celebrates and supports academic achievement, leadership, and advocacy for post-secondary students with disabilities. In addition, this honor society facilitates the development of skills in leadership, advocacy, and education for participating students. As a member, you will serve as an advocate for students with disabilities around the Ambrose community.

I can’t wait to see what is going to come next. The advisor and I have some great ideas and hopes for what this organization can be.

Veronica A(V) is the Campus Correspondent at HC @ SAU. She oversees the entire chapter including editorial, events, social media, etc. Beyond HC, V is involved on campus. She is the President of DAPi. She is the Social Media Director for SAAT, and a Sexual Assault Advocate. Veronica is majoring in Early Childhood Education with an endorsement in Special Education and a minor in Music. She is currently student teaching!!! In her freetime, V plays the flute and other instruments and can sing. She used to play and coach softball. Veronica was born in Florida but now lives in Illinois. She also has 2 cats at home. She was the D.E.I. Ambassador for 2 years.