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Are you trying to get into k-pop and don’t know where to start? Have you heard of Stray Kids and are overwhelmed with all the music and content they produce? Then you are in the right place. This is my guide of things I believe that every Baby Stay should know. (Stay is the name of Stray Kids’ fans and a Baby Stay is someone who is just getting into Stray Kids).

First things first, Stray Kids is an 8 member boy group who is signed under JYP Entertainment. They are unique in the world of k-pop because all of the members were hand picked by Bang Chan, the leader of the group, and they write and produce almost all of their music (if not all, I am not 100% sure). From oldest to youngest the members are:

  • Bang Chan 
  • Lee Know
  • Hyunjin
  • Changbin
  • Han
  • Felix
  • Seungmin
  • I.N.

Unlike most other k-pop groups, there isn’t a set main rap line, vocal line, or dance line. All 8 members are incredibly talented and are pretty much interchangeable in what role they play in the music. That being said, there are 3 main sub-units in the group.

  • 3RACHA – Bang Chan, Changbin, and Han. These are the three who primarily write and produce the music for Stray Kids
  • Dance RACHA – Lee Know, Hyunjin, and Felix. If there were to be an official dance line, it would be these three. But once again, they are all equally talented.
  • Vocal RACHA – Seungmin and I.N. This is the same as with Dance RACHA. But, these two don’t typically have any rap lines in the songs, which is why they are known as Vocal Racha

Some of their songs have been all over Tiktok and the internet. If you aren’t sure if you have heard one of their songs, here are some of their most well known songs:

  • S-Class
  • Case 143
  • Maniac
  • Thunderous
  • Back Door
  • God’s Menu

I have been listening to Stray Kids for about 6 months now and I would have to say that I can’t really choose a single favorite song because it is quite literally like having to choose between children. They have made songs across so many genres that I am confident that there is at least one song for everyone. That being said, here are some of my favorites that I think give a good introduction to Stray Kids’ music:

  • Party’s Not Over (unfortunately, this song is not on Spotify but you can still find it on Youtube)
  • Hall of Fame
  • Super Bowl
  • Youtiful
  • The Sound
  • #LoveStay
  • Super Board
  • Mixtape: Time Out
  • Domino
  • The View
  • Mixtape: Oh
  • Easy
  • Hellavator
  • District 9 (fun fact: this is actually the song that they debuted with)
  • My Pace
  • Levanter

I hope that this article was helpful. I am personally a big fan of Stray Kids and if I can get more people to listen to their music, I will always try. They just had a big comeback in May and they are supposedly going to have another big comeback before the end of the year, so if there was ever a time to become a Stray Kids fan, then I believe it’s now.

Madeline is a VP and Creative Director at HC @ SAU. She oversees social media posting on all platforms. Beyond HC, Madeline is involved in Chemistry Club and the Women's Swimming and Dive Team. She also works in the Chemistry Department as a Lab Prep worker. Madeline is majoring in Chemistry with a minor in Mathematics. In her free time, Madeline enjoys crocheting, reading, streaming on Twitch, learning languages, and writing and playing songs. Fun fact: she would be 3/4 of an inch taller if she didn't have scoliosis. "Find inspiration in the ordinary."