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9 Thoughts When Walking To Class

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SAU chapter.

1.     “Why am I awake right now?”


2.    “Since I’m running late I bet “that guy” stole my seat even though we are a month into the semester.”


3.    “Great now everyone is going to stare at me.”

4.     “Why is McCarthy so far away?”



5.     “This weather sucks. Freezing now-sweating later.”

6.     “Why is that squirrel following me?”



7.     “Okay here comes that awkward moment when we run into each other because you’re walking on the wrong side.”

8.     “It’s too soon to say hi but we’ve already made eye contact.” **stares at blank phone screen. 


9.     “I should have eaten breakfast.”


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Im Alyssa. I dance and sing for fun (not always well).Im way too sassy for my own good and cant wait to start my career. 
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