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9 Reasons Why You Should Own a Selfie Stick

9 Reasons Why You Should Own a Selfie Stick


1. So you don’t have to give your smartphone to a stranger 

You can definitely avoid the, pick-someone-who-doesn’t-look-like-a-felon, game when wanting a group picture of all your friends at the Shania Twain concert. 


And also avoiding the awkward hand grace when taking your phone back (for you germaphobes).

2. So you don’t cut off your friends face after one too many vodka waters

3. So you can be as cool as Barak Obama

4. So your mom can get a more realistic picture of your travels abroad 

5. So you can pull the, “I bet your stick isn’t as long as mine” joke on the regular

6. Because taking a selfie is about as descret as forgetting to turn the flash off when you’re snapchatting your boring teacher to your friends. 

7. To get a wider ranged picture so you can INSTAsize your latest INSTAgram post…INSTAntly

8. So you can upload one picture of a selfie with all your college friends from the weekend instead of 14 selfies with each one seperately.


9. And finally, because if you’re ever in Australia, you would want to be able to take a picture with one of these adorable marsupials (The Quokka incase you want to ask for one for graduation instead of a car).


Go big or don’t selfie.

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