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We all know the feeling: you are tired of your show your watching(or rewatching, no judgment) and you feel like a laugh. Enter a Netflix comedy special. I find myself to be a lover of most comedy, but I’ll dislike a few here and there. After a few weeks of watching and laughing, I have a list of some of the best specials to watch on Netflix.


All the Daniel Sloss Live Shows

Where to watch: Netflix and HBO

Daniel Sloss is a Scottish comedian that can make you laugh and teach you a lesson. With stories of drinking, vegans, and sex, all his specials will leave you gasping for breath. In his special Dark, he talks about America, his family, and death with a full heart. In Jigsaw, Daniel talks about relationships and life with hilarity and lessons. His most recent special X, Sloss discusses sexism in everyday life and in his industry. These are the comedy specials I tell everyone to watch because I think they are so important and funny.


Kathrine Ryan: Glitter Room

A single mom and funny af, Kathrine Ryan gives you all the mom friend comedy you need. Making fun of her “fancy child”, the men who give her crap or can’t take being feminine, and bitchy stay at home moms. This special is made for a good mother-daughter or mom friend movie night.


Hasan Minaj: Homecoming King

This comedy special runs on stories from Hasan’s life. From his racist high school prom date to his older sibling struggles. This comedy special will make you laugh, then think, and then laugh while thinking. Take a step outside your comfort zone and watch a Muslim comedian give you his perspective and make you smile along the way.


Iliza Shlesinger: Elder Millennial 

Although Iliza has 4 specials on Netflix, Elder Millennial is by far her best work. Animal metaphors galore, Iliza’s special is perfect for a girl’s night in. With her voice drops, real talk about relationships, going out with the girls, and what men want this show will leave you laughing if you just keep rolling with the jokes.


Patton Oswalt: Talking for Clapping

The voice of Remy is on Netflix to make you laugh. With two comedy specials “Talking for Clapping” is Patton’s lighter of the specials that will warm your heart and make you snort with his fatherly antics, differences of the world today, and his comedy career.

Comedians of the World: Nicole Beyer

The host of Nailed It! is even funnier with her own material. Laugh out loud funny for every fat girl and proud, this quick comedy set is hilarious as hell and is perfect for a study break.


The Degenerates: Brad Williams

Another short(quite literally) comedy set will have your dark and dirty humor satiated. You will be needing to breathe the entire special. Brad Williams jokes about his struggles being a little person in comedy and real life, and his recent marriage to his epic wife.


Ali Wong

You can’t go wrong with anything Ali Wong, specifically her comedy specials. In her first special Baby Cobra Ali gets you laughing with hook-up stories, struggles of being a woman, and being a wife. Baby Cobra is for when your life is a hot mess and you just need to laugh. In her second special, Hard Knock Wife, Ali recounts her time as being a stay at home mom, how fame has ruined her life, and what having a baby does to the body.


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