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7 Reasons to Join St. Ambrose’s Dance Marathon 7

St. Ambrose University Dance Marathon is a year-long fundraiser for the University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital. This year our Big Event is on March 30. In honor of it being SAUDM7, here are 7 reasons why everyone should be involved with Dance Marathon at SAU!


1. Publicize the importance of Dance Marathon

Dance Marathon is a very special organization to be involved with. It is also so special to share with your family, friends, and the rest of your campus. Once you are involved, you will want to share it with everyone you know, which only benefits Dance Marathon even more!

2. Develop fundraising skills

To be at the Big Event, each dancer has to fundraise $60. There are many ways to reach your minimum including canning (going door to door), sharing social media graphics, and asking your friends and family to donate. It’s an amazing feeling to reach your goal! This year we are committed to help fund equipment for the NICU.

3. Spend time with inspirational kiddos and their families

Dance Marathon allows us to meet many amazing and super strong kiddos and their supportive families. Hearing their stories makes all of us work harder each year to provide as much as we can to the hospital.

4. Be a part of the biggest organization on campus

There are many opportunities to be involved in Dance Marathon since it is the biggest organization on our campus. Everyone is so compassionate and fun to work with! Everyone is also super proud of how much DM does for the hospital and we hope to keep it growing!

5. Develop a greater appreciation for your health

The kiddos we meet are seriously so strong, I can’t even explain how proud they make us. Having an illness effects so much in life and the average person can not come close to understanding it. After hearing each kiddos’ story, you can find most of us in tears, wanting to raise more and more for them!

6. Dance the day away with your new friends

After fundraising and planning for months, the Big Event finally comes and it’s an amazing feeling to spend the day with everyone you have been working with all year. Rogalski looks so beautiful with decorations all around and there are kiddos smiling and dancing! It is definitely something everyone needs to experience!

7. Make Miracles

It is honestly an amazing opportunity to be involved with on campus. When we all see

the reveal, everyone is immediately sobbing from how amazing it feels to make such a

huge difference for the most amazing people. The feeling is like nothing I have ever experienced.



Photos provided are from SAUDM

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