6 Meals you can Make in Your Dorm

Everyone gets sick and tired of cafeteria food at one time or another. Ramen noodles and other easy frozen microwaveable meals just stop sounding good after awhile. Here is a list of six meals that can easily be made in a dorm room. The first three meals only require a microwave and a mug, while the last three require the use of a slow cooker or crock pot. 


1. Macaroni and Cheese

Mac 'N' Cheese is everyone's favorite comfort food. The warm cheesy goodness is your best friend after a hard test or just a bad day. But, store bought "just-add-water" cups don't provide the golden gooey-ness of homemade macaroni and cheese. This recipe makes the perfect homemade macaroni in cheese in less time with less utensils, but it still remains packed with the homemade goodness. (Recipe: Mac 'N' Cheese)


2. Omelet in a Cup

Let's be honest it's too hard to get yourself up early enough to go to the cafeteria and have a decent breakfast in the morning that won't consist of a granola bar or fruit snacks. Lucky for us, this omelet in a cup recipe is fast and easy for mornings on the go! Just crack two or three eggs into a mug, add butter, and microwave. Add any toppings or any extra ingredients you want and make it your own. (Recipe: Omelet in a cup)


3. Lasagna 

It's hard to believe you can make lasagna in a mug, but with this recipe you can! Lasagna provides layers and layers of deliciousness. It has all the flavors as Olive Garden without the price (and you won't have to worry about overeating breadsticks)! It's perfect for college students on a budget. (Recipe: Lasagna)


4. Salsa Chicken

This recipe was by far the easiest out of the six, but it does require some planning ahead. All you need is chicken breasts and a can of salsa of your choice. In the morning, put the chicken in the crock pot and simply pour in the whole jar of salsa. Set the crock pot to low and let the chicken cook all day. By dinner time, the chicken will be ready to eat (around 8 hrs cooking on low). My suite-mate brought this recipe to school for us, and all four of us loved it!


5. Chili

The best chili is your mom's chili! After visiting your parents for the weekend, make sure to bring back some of your mom's famous chili. It makes for any easy dinner. My roommate brought some of her mom's chili and we were able to put it in the slow cooker on low allowing it to cook all day. It was warm and delicious for dinner that night, and perfect for a night in of studying! This will be an especially good idea as winter is right around the corner. No one wants to leave the warmth and comfort of their dorm to walk to the cafeteria!


6. Chicken Tacos

One of my favorite nights happens to be taco night!  My restaurant of choice is Los Agaves, but some nights I want to bring Los Agaves to me. If you don't feel like going out to eat, then this is the perfect recipe for you. I get to have my favorite dish from the comfort of my dorm room (and I don't have to worry about spending too much money while I'm out!).  (Recipe: Chicken Tacos)


Pictures: Mac 'N' Cheese, Omelet, Lasagna, Salsa Chicken, Chili, Chicken Tacos