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Need some skincare recommendations? I have combo skin, and these products have worked wonders for me! My combo skin is extreme, so I get really bad cystic acne, general acne, blackheads, and dry, oily, dull skin. These products have saved me (as well as staying hydrated!!!).

1.) Halo Kiwi Vitamins


Let’s start with the real miracle product. These vitamins, developed by Tati Westbrook, are AMAZING. They actually work and have helped my eczema and cystic acne. They also give me a natural glow!!! I could honestly not live without these. My hyperpigmentation has been greatly reduced, and whenever I “accidentally” pop an occasional pimple, I’ve noticed that the scarring lessens up quicker than it normally does. I started seeing major results 2 months into this product. 

2.) Simple Daily Moisturizer


This is a fantastic moisturizer that lasts a long time, and it’s inexpensive! It sinks into the skin and nourishes it! I have tried high-end and moisturizers from my dermatologist, but nothing can beat the Simple Daily Moisturizer!

3.) Origins Charcoal and Honey Face Mask


This is the perfect face mask to detox your face when you’re PMS’ing. This is my absolute go-to. Use it twice a week to see maximum results.

4.) Origins Ginzing Eye Treatment


This eye cream is a great daily treatment for the morning! It has a light effect to it, so it brightens your undereye area! On the days that I don’t feel hideous (rare), I love to just use this and fill in my brows!

5.) Lush Cupcake Face Mask


I have used this product since I was in junior high. This mask drastically helps your acne. However, you can only buy it in-store because it is perishable! Be sure to leave it in a fridge after purchase! Also, it smells SO good (but of course, no added fragrances to mess with your skin).


Halo Kiwi Vitamins, Simple Daily Moisturizers, Origins Charcoal and Honey Face Mask, Origins Ginzing Eye Treatment, Lush Cupcake Face Mask

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