5 Christmas Decor for Apartments!

1. Rose Gold Vibes

We love the warm touch to this chilly season! Try using rose gold to balance out your white decor!


2. Golden Balance

Have random pieces that you don’t know what to do with? Put them all together to create an elegant display!


3. Low Space Tree

This is a cute, budget-friendly, and low-space idea! Use two prices of green (or any!) garland and hang some lights and small bulbs!


4. Above and Beyond Kitchen

If you’re in LOVE with Christmas, you’ll LOVE this kitchen decorating! Go all out and even transform your fridge this year!


5. Decorate the Halls

We love this simple idea! Hang some garland and lights up around your hallways so that you’re always reminded of the season!

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Deck the Halls, Above and Beyond Kitchen, Low Space Tree, Golden Balance, Rose Gold Vibes