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The 5 Best Things About St. Ambrose as Told by a Tour Guide

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SAU chapter.

Searching for my future home was hard, but once I visited St. Ambrose University my search was over. There are a lot of things I’m unsure of in life–a lot of things–but I have no doubt that choosing to attend St Ambrose was the best decision I could’ve made. Now, I get to play a part in the college search for someone else by being a tour guide at SAU. I’ve gotten to speak to so many visitors and future bees that have the same excitement I did when I first stepped on campus. Here are the 5 things that put St Ambrose ahead of all those other schools for me and hopefully for you too!

1. Our professors. At St. Ambrose we have a student to faculty ratio of 12:1. I know no one cares about the facts and figures, but let me tell you what those facts and figures mean. We have faculty here that are there for us every step of the way, cheering us on, helping us when we fall, and allowing us not only to grow in knowledge, but to grow as people too. There is nothing better than walking into class and being greeted with a smiling face that genuinely wants to help you. At St Ambrose, we are able to form relationships with the professors which further enriches your learning and your life. 

2. Our students. It didn’t take me very long to make friends on campus. I’ve met some of the best people I’ve ever met in my life here. Many students at Ambrose are very welcoming. I think I was told this a total of twenty times during my visit, but it’s true (and now I’m the one who says it all the time). I don’t know what I would have done without the people that I have in my life now and I sure don’t want to think about it. But, you can expect to find your forever friends here too!

3. The Wellness and Recreation Center. Did I mention we have an almost brand new Wellness and Recreation Center that was built in 2017??? We do. It’s definitely a building we like to show off on tours, but it deserves all the oo’s and ah’s. My favorite part? We have separate weight rooms for athletes and non-athletes. Now students don’t have to avoid practice times to workout. They can go whenever they please (when it’s open of course). And, the athletes love it to because they have access to the area outside of practice times as well. And of course, they can use the “non-athletic” weightroom too! We just have other facilities for them during practice times, so we don’t have such a crowded gym. The WRC provides the best facility to workout and stay active. The fieldhouse draws attention, and it’s probably where I spend most of my time when I go to the WRC. We hold many intramural sports in there and students are able to rent equipment at the front desk to play games with their friends. 

4. The Quad Cities. It’s not only the college that’s important, but the area around it. The QC has everything to offer. It has some of the best restraunts around: The Filling Station, Old Chicago Pizza, Los Agaves, Front Street Brewery, Me and Billy, Exotic Thai, Pizza and Subs, and Arthur’s. Not to mention we have THE BEST ice cream place around, Whitey’s. Need some energy? Better stop at Atomic for the best energy drinks and coffee or try out 392 Caffe. In your free time you can walk by the river, go to the local farmer’s market, go see a movie (at a theater with reclining seats), go bowling, or hang with some friends at a trampoline park. In the winter take a short 20 minute drive to SnowStar and go skiing or snowtubing. There are endless opportunities in the area!

5. The Bee Life. We may be Bees, but SAU treats us like Queen Bees. Always keep an eye on your email because when finals week rolls around we have chair massages (typically in the Beehive) and emotional support animals (in the library) on campus! Many of our residence halls on campus are suite styled meaning two dorms share a bathroom. Lucky for us, we have housekeeping come and clean our bathrooms for us once a week. Ambrose provides us things that we don’t need, but makes life so much easier. 

Image Credits: SAU, WorkoutAtomicChair Massage.

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