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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SAU chapter.

Death is upon us, Bees…I mean finals week. Here’s the four types of students you’ll be seeing these next two weeks.


1. The Procrastinator

We all know these people. They’re the ones that wait until the last hour before they go to bed to cram for the test; some may even wake up early the next morning and do their studying the hour before the test is handed out.


2. The Smart One

These are the ones that don’t have to study. Somehow they manage to not pay any attention in class and do no studying, but yet they still have the highest grade in the class. These are the people that we love to hate because most of us are jealous of their “super power”. 

3. The One that Doesn’t Care

“Finals? What are finals? I have’t been to class all semester.” These are the ones that only go to class when there are tests and they usually aren’t effected by their ending grade. Their excuse is “I just don’t care” more than half of the time.

4. The All Nighter

These are the people who make finals week sound so crazy. They’re the ones who stay up until the early hours of the next day studying and freaking out, only to go to their final the next day with minimal hours of sleep. 




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