4 Beauty Products for 4 Weeks of School

1. A nourishing hair mask for all hair types 

Put this in the ends of your hair for luscious locks. Find it at TJ Maxx, Target, CVS or other beauty places.


2. A budget-friendly, lash lengthening mascara

This product keeps your lashes looking long without a build-up of product. Purchase it at Walmart or on Amazon.



3. The absolute best chapstick to keep your lips moisturized in the hottest and coldest temps

I swear by this product. It is definitely tricky to find and usually only comes in packs with the OG Carmex. If you do see it, BUY IT! They usually have it at Walmart, CVS, and online. 




4. The ultimate moisturizing cream 

This product is dermatologist recommended and helps hydrate the dryest skin without leaving an oily residue.