31 Things You Always Text Your High School Friend Group

When you're scrolling through Facebook or Instagram and see some hot new news about someone from high school, who is the first person you want to talk to? Your high school besties, of course! My squad group chat is the go-to for all things gossip when it comes to high school tea or just trying to coordiante and know what is happening with everyone's college lives. Here are some common messages that float through our group chat on a regular basis:


“Hey, did you see who’s dating now?”

still from highlighted movie Brandy Star

“I can’t believe they just broke up?”

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“Wow, they just got engaged!?”

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“I can’t imagine being pregnant right now...”

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“Can someone finess some pics of me over spring break?”

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“Hey, guys, how's it goin'?" Joey How You Doin Giphy

“I can’t believe you used to date him!”

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“So when is everyone going to be home next?”

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“When should I visit your college?”  

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“Hey guys I need your opinion on something..”

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“I miss driving around in the Jeep together”

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“Guys, I’m never drinking again..”

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“Ready for the tea?”

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“I want details!!”

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“Miss you guys a lot”  

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“Check their snap”

“They’ve changed so much!”

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“They need an intervention…”  

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“Soooo is anyone talking to anyone new?”

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“Soooo I just went on a date last night”

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“They should not have posted that on insta”

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“I forgot that even happened!”  

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“Y’all I need money”

Patrick Spongebob Money Tenor

“Y’all I need a job”

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“Sorry, I have to work”

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“So when are we going to Vegas?”  

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“Are we dressing cute, comfy cute or casual?”  

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“We should go on a road trip”

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“I’m putting this chat on mute y’all talk too much”

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“Love you, hunnies”

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