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28 Dates for 28 days in February

28 Dates for 28 Days in February

  1. Movie night in
  2. Cooking new recipes
  3. Cafe
  4. Write letters for each other together listening to soft music
  5. Shopping
  6. Indoor Picnic
  7. Give each other a massage
  8. Play Card/board games
  9. Couple Yoga
  10. Do a craft
  11. Bake
  12. Go to a fancy dinner
  13. Snowboarding/sledding/skiing
  14. Ice skating
  15. Go somewhere different in your town
  16. Play games to get to know each other better
  17. Go to the movies
  18. Go to a play/musical
  19. Sing karaoke
  20. Go on a night time drive
  21. Go to a 24 hour diner late at night
  22. Have a photoshoot
  23. Read a book together
  24. Make a scavenger hunt for each other around the house
  25. Write couple vision boards
  26. Get in a hot tub
  27. Make a smoothie/shake
  28. Go on a mini road trip
Heyy, my name is Arayah I am a freshman at St. Ambrose University and am majoring in Social Work.
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