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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SAU chapter.

So bucket lists seem to be very long or expensive and sometimes even daunting so this one may be easier to do with smaller tasks and given to you by each month individually so you can focus and grow as you go. Each year I give myself one word and try to grow the most in that way possible. In 2021 it was strength, in 2022 it was confidence and in 2023 well I don’t know quite yet but we will get there. 


  • Create a DIY Vacation jar for a trip you want to take at some point this year.
  • Pick one word to signify how you want to grow this year
  • Go build a silly snowman.
  • Go Ice skating


  • Treat yourself to a self love night. Go get a manicure or pedicure or take a day to go shopping. Just spoil yourself a little bit. 
  • Celebrate either Valentine’s or Galentine’s Day.
  • Watch a drive-in movie.


  •  It’s Women’s History Month. Write to a Woman who has inspired you.
  • Grab lunch with an old friend you haven’t seen in a while.
  • Search for wildflowers.
  • Spend a weekend glamping with your girlfriends.


  • Have a painting and wine night with your besties.
  • Dance in the rain. 
  • Visit a farmer’s market.


  • Have an at home spa day.
  • Plant a flower.
  • Make time for an hour of self care during finals week. 


  • Read a book and sit outside while doing it.
  • Have a happy hour with your friends.
  • Go berry picking with your family.
  • Go to a new restaurant. Try the one you have been curious about or a new one that has just opened up in your area. 


  • Go see a firework show or if you’re too scared make fireworks in a jar.
  • Go to the pool or lake with some friends. 
  • Go to a sporting event. 


  • Go get that tattoo you have always wanted. Don’t want a tattoo or unsure go do henna to try out a design you like or just get something to make you feel more confident.
  • Go to a museum or art center. 
  • Spend some time in the sun.
  • Give your skin a break and go a week without makeup.


  • Go apple picking and make an apple pie with some.
  • Clean out your closet. Donate the clothes that you don’t want. 
  • Join a book club. 
  • Go on a bike ride on a nature trail.


  • Make candy corn cheesecake.
  • Go to a haunted house with friends. 
  • Have a Halloween movie weekend. Don’t have a weekend try for a day or each night of the weekend. 
  • Have a bonfire with your family. 


  • Make a thankful chain  with friends. 
  • Take a scenic fall drive. 
  • Have a friendsgiving. Have a potluck with friends and play games. This can be something more casual or you can dress up for. 


  • Have a movie and hot cocoa night with someone. 
  • Volunteer at a local soup kitchen
  • Try cooking a new recipe. This can be something passed down in your family or something on our pinterest board. 
  • Send christmas cards to your family.
Veronica A(V) is the Campus Correspondent at HC @ SAU. She oversees the entire chapter including editorial, events, social media, etc. Beyond HC, V is involved on campus. She is the President of DAPi. She is the Social Media Director for SAAT, and a Sexual Assault Advocate. Veronica is majoring in Early Childhood Education with an endorsement in Special Education and a minor in Music. She is currently student teaching!!! In her freetime, V plays the flute and other instruments and can sing. She used to play and coach softball. Veronica was born in Florida but now lives in Illinois. She also has 2 cats at home. She was the D.E.I. Ambassador for 2 years.