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Makeup keeps getting better, and some of the prices are getting better too. Here are my personal favorites.  


1.) Face Studio Master Prime Makeup Primer


This primer is A+. If you have dry skin from the winter weather, then this will help you out a lot! You can find this for around $8!


2.) Photo Focus Foundation


This foundation is like a dream come true. It is long lasting, makes you look radiant, and can be found for around $5 at your local drugstore!


3.) Liquid Camouflage Concealer


This concealer covers up nearly everything! It is definitely waterproof, and can be found at Ulta for $5.99. Though they are making new shades, there is an extremely limited amount of shades in the U.S. currently.


4.) Miracle Complexion Sponge


This sponge is nice for all us who don’t want to spend the money on a Beauty Blender. Target currently has this Real Techniques sponge for $4.89! This sponge performs well and doesn’t suck up your foundation!


5.) Loose Face Powder



Who loves to bake and have a flawless finish? This powder is iconic and a holy-grail for many people. The only turn-off is the scent, but we can get past that for it’s amazing $5.99 price.


6.) Contour Palette


This stuff is incredible. For $4.99 you can set your undereye area with the yellow highlight powder, and contour with the other side. You’re left with a natural contoured face and left without purple undereyes.


7.) High Definition Undereye Setting Powder


For $3 (!) you can get this powder to ensure your mascara and eyeliner won’t fall onto your concealer!


8.) MegaGlo Highlighting Powder


This can be hard to come by, because it’s so popular, but this highlight is perfect for those who don’t mind extra shine. This powder is only $4.68 at Walmart!


9.) Color Icon Blush


I know I’m obsessed with Wet n’ Wild, but it’s so hard not to be! Their products are inexpensive and are actually incredibly good! This is only $3 at Target and gives you the most beautiful color!


10.) Waterproof Lash Paradise Mascara



The waterproof formula is A+ (way better than my math grade). It holds a curl and does not budge whatsoever. Pick it up today for $7-$9.


11.) Color Tattoo Eyeshadow



Wow this stuff could last all day. It sticks around and comes in absolutely beautiful shades (my favorite is Bad to the Bronze). You can find this for $6-$7.


12.) Matte Liquid Liner



This won’t fade and is only $7! The brush allows you to be precise, too!


13.) Micro Brow Pencil



Nyx is killing it again. This is a great tool because a spooly is included. For only $10, you can create your best eyebrow shape.


14.) Provocalips Lipstick



Welcome to my favorite product on this list. I cannot get enough of how good these are, and they’re so underrated. The red one will last the entire day. I had greasy food and it still held up extremely well. The other side is a clear gloss for when it becomes too dry! You can find this amazing lipstick for $5-$7!


15.) Master Fix Wear-Boosting Setting Spray



For $10 you can have a great setting spray to lock in your makeup. Of course, everyone wants different uses out of their setting sprays, but this one will make your makeup last longer!


These products are great and inexpensive. Though sometimes high-end products are worth the splurge, these products are great, too! (and sometimes better than those expensive ones)

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