10 Worst Characters on TV


There are some characters you love to hate, and there are some characters you just hate. I’ve complied a list of the worst characters on TV.



  1. 1. Debbie Gallager, Shameless

    Debbie had the worst character development. She started out fine, but as the show progressed she just became an obnoxious brat.

  2. 2. Jane Villanueva, Jane the Virgin

    Jane was sooo neurotic. Nothing could ever be her fault and if it was, she would just cry and carry on. She also told Michael and Rafael that she loved both of them… in front of them! Who does that?

  3. 3. Rachel Berry, Glee

    Could this girl just shut up for 5 seconds? She always had something to say. She was a spoiled brat who thought the world revolved around her. She would have a meltdown when she didn't get her way. 

  4. 4. Jess Day, New Girl

    Quirky Jess and her quirky life. Barf. She was funny at times, but the way they wrote her character didn’t sit right with me. She was just an airhead who couldn’t do anything without having to be saved (by a man of course).

  5. 5. Dan Humphrey, Gossip Girl

    What a pompous jerk. He acted like the world was out to get him and he was such an outsider. He fit right in with the rich elistist kids at his school, but he just couldn’t admit it.

  6. 6. Dan Scott, One Tree Hill

    Literally killed his brother. Enough said.

  7. 7. Zoey Johnson, Grown-ish

    Zoey was such a spoiled brat. She didn’t care about anyone but herself and she would bounce back and forth from guy to guy. If a guy (or anyone else) didn’t like her, it was the end of the world.

  8. 8. Will Schuester, Glee

    What a freaking creep. Will was oddly obsessed with his teenage students (Finn was his best man at his wedding… like ew). He tried so hard to be like a teenager and it grossed me out.

  9. 9. Lucas Scott, One Tree Hill

    Lucas is the worst character… ever. He acts like this sweet, innocent guy from the poor side of town. No. He’s such an ass. He cheats on every girl he’s with and then gets upset when girls turn him down. So whiny and toxic. #TeamNathan

So yeah, these people suck... that doesn't stop me from watching (and rewatching) all of these shows.