10 Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Winter break is right around the corner, and if you’ve got a roommate, you’re probably already wondering what to get them for a little gift-exchange before you go home. Christmas doesn’t have to break the bank though. Sure, you could get them a big present if you really know what they want— but if you’re not one hundred percent sure what they would like and would rather drop $10 on a few small gifts instead, stocking stuffers are always an option. Here are a few of my go-to small presents for those people you feel inclined to buy for but don’t really know what to get them:​

  1. 1. A nice pair of socks

    Fuzzy. Christmas. Favorite cartoon characters. It doesn’t really matter. A new pair of socks are almost always welcome in the cold winter months. Especially in the dorm rooms with only a thin carpet covering the concrete floor and a heating system that almost never seems to quite work right.

  2. 2. A Chapstick collection

    I almost always go for Burt’s Bees, just because they sell them in cute little winter collections for like $5. Winter weather has a knack for making every part of your body feel dry and crusty, so a good chapstick is always good to have around.

  3. 3. Facemasks

    Even the cheap ones that you can get in a little package from Walmart feel nice on the skin and makes for a nice girls’ night when paired with a bottle of wine, comfy pajamas, and a good movie.


  4. 4. A good lotion

    Again, everything is dry in the winter. Ashy is never a good look. Bath and Body Works is always running some good deals during the holiday season, so there is always the option to pick up a few at one time for anyone else on your list, or even yourself.

  5. 5. Their favorite candy

     Even just a small bag from the gas station of a candy you know they love, it makes for a welcome stocking addition.

  6. 6. Small makeup items

    A drugstore lipstick color you think would look good on them or a new mascara are both cheap ways to give them something fun.

  7. 7. Little Electronics

    A charging cable is almost always a good buy. Those little buggers are the easiest thing to break or lose so providing an extra can be a lifesaver.


  8. 8. Hot Chocolate mix and a cute mug

    Fun mugs that will make them laugh or make a cute addition in the cabinet are cheap options that they can use regularly. Add in a bag of hot chocolate mix or their favorite coffee and it makes for a great little gift.

  9. 9. Scrunchies

    Or hair ties. Whatever hair-holding device they regularly use. Throughout the year, hairbands have a habit of completely disappearing from existence, so a $3 pack of them to replenish their stock can help.

  10. 10. Gift Cards for some of their favorite places

    Even if it’s just a $5 Taco Bell gift card that can make for an entire meal they don’t have to pay for. Everyone loves free stuff.

Now, if you really want to have fun with it, consider even personalizing the stocking with the recipient's name and a cute little design.