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Bisan Owda is a twenty four year old, Palestinian documenting the traumas occurring in the Gaza Strip. She has become a filmmaker, activist, and journalist in hopes of sharing the true horrors of the ongoing genocide occuring in Palestine. Keeping constant updates, Owda begins every single one of her videos by stating, “Hey everyone, this is Bisan from Gaza,” most of the time adding in, “I am still alive.” Little by little she pleaded to those watching about the importance of stopping the genocide. The pleads turned to anguish and now to anger, rightfully so. Owda is tirelessly working as a journalist not because it was her occupation prior to the genocide, but because she is forced to reveal the terrors that she and other Palestinans are experiencing. 

Much of Western media, initially tried to conceal the genocide for what it is, explaining how the reason for the initial attacks were out of protection not eradication. Through her videos, she not only updates on the recent bombings, most recently the Flour Massacre, but also her neighbors. The people who are surviving with her, successfully showing the humanity of the people who are fighting for their lives every single day. Many of the folks she shares are older individuals, some others being young children. What our news outlets fail to show, Owda does. While sharing the stories of Palestinian people, she also shows the profound resilience that is carried within them. The children still play and try to find joy in the littlest ways, but each time the camera pans to Owda, you can see how exhausting it is to live in the conditions they are forced to be in. In some of her posts she has said her goodbyes while also condemning the people who idly watch by, as she is unsure of what tomorrow looks like. 

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