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Who are They? Meet the Opening Acts for Some of the Biggest Tours of the Year

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2024 has proven to be an amazing year for music. The concert experience has gotten bigger as a haven of celebration and festivity. Some of the hottest names in music are embarking on the biggest tours of their careers: Olivia Rodrigo, Hozier, Noah Kahan, and more. But who are the acts that are performing with them? 

Like most people, you probably go to a concert only thinking about the artist you bought the ticket for. You sit down in your seat as the show starts and suddenly someone else comes onstage to sing. You have no idea who they are. 

Some of the biggest stars in music started their careers as openers such as Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga. Most recently, Chappell Roan broke into the mainstream as one of Olivia Rodrigo’s openers.

These acts are chosen by the headliners themselves and are a great way to find new artists you’ve never heard of. Check out some of these artists performing on the most-anticipated tours this year!

Remi Wolf – Olivia Rodrigo’s GUTS World Tour

Remi Wolf is a 28 year old queer artist who will be touring with Olivia Rodrigo on her UK and European legs of the GUTS Tour from May through June. 

Wolf describes her sound as “funky soul pop”. Her single “Photo ID” with Dominic Fike became TikTok viral in the summer of 2020, where the rise of bedroom pop music reached its peak during lockdown. This was a lead single on her second EP I’m Allergic to Dogs and later a remix album called We Love Dogs!.

She has previously opened for Still Woozy, Cautious Clay, and most notably, Lorde. She has also performed with the Red Hot Chili Peppers on her own solo tour. 

Remi Wolf has recently announced her sophomore album, Big Ideas, which is set to release this July. Currently, she has released one single entitled “Cinderella”. 

Notable Songs:

  • “Photo ID” – I’m Allergic to Dogs! and We Love Dogs!
  • “Cinderella” – Big Ideas
  • “Guy” – You’re a Dog!
  • “Disco Man” – I’m Allergic to Dogs!
  • “Sexy Villain” – Juno

Check out these songs and more of Remi Wolf’s music here!

Allison Russell – Hozier’s Unreal Unearth Tour

Allison Russell is a queer Canadian singer-songwriter who will be touring with Hozier from April through September. She is part Grenadian and Scottish-Canadian. Russell is featured on the song “Wildflower and Barley” from Hozier’s most recent EP Unheard

Russell’s music can be described as American and Folk with heavy jazz and blues influences. She has received a total of 8 Grammy nominations throughout her career with one win for Best American Roots Performance for her solo single “Eve was Black”. 

Russell was a member of multiple music groups, including Birds of Chicago with JT Nero, whom she married and had a daughter with. She recently made her solo debut in 2021 with her album Outside Child. She also released her sophomore album in September of 2023 called The Returner.

Notable Songs:

  • “Eve was Black” – The Returner
  • “Nightflyer” – Outside Child
  • “The Returner” – The Returner
  • “Persephone” – Outside Child

Check out these songs and more of Allison Russell’s music here

Jensen McRae – Noah Kahan’s We’ll All Be Here Forever Tour

Jensen McRae is a 26 year old Black-Jewish American singer-songwriter and poet who is currently touring with Noah Kahan on some of his North American dates from March through April and June through July. 

McRae’s music is self described as “folk-alternative-pop”. Her songwriting style can be likened to artists such as Tracy Chapman and Phoebe Bridgers. Her lyrics reference personal experiences and center around political themes as a young Black artist. 

McRae’s music has received critical acclaim with the release of her EP Who Hurt You? and her debut album Are You Happy Now? that released in 2022. 

Notable Songs:

  • “Happy Girl” – Are You Happy Now?
  • “Immune” – Who Hurt You?
  • “White Boys” – Who Hurt You?
  • “Wolves” – Who Hurt You?
  • “Dead Girl Walking” – Are You Happy Now?

Check out these songs and more of Jensen McRae’s music here

Attending concerts is one of my favorite things to do. Seeing the opening act hype up the crowd before the main show makes the experience even more thrilling. Hopefully this list has given you some new artists to listen to or inspired you to check out some of the openers for any of your upcoming concerts.

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