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It seems like being a freshman in college was so long ago like time is playing a joke. As a transfer student from community college, I came to SFSU as a sophomore, but I might as well have been a freshman again with everything being new. Going to a new school can be overwhelming and exciting at the same time, especially in the city. So, this is not only for freshmen, but for new students coming to SFSU in the upcoming year.

The housing is expensive. Plain and simple. This year it was raised, but don’t let that discourage you from dorming. It’s a good way to figure out who you like living and with whom. It’s a good way to meet new friends and be so alone in the process. Start implementing lifestyle habits early, so it follows through even after you leave SF State. The washer machines will break down every two weeks, so prioritize washing on certain days because they fill up quickly! The housing offers different types of places to live for Freshman and Sophomores, it’s more traditional dorms, and as you go to upper levels the housing like UPS and UPN is more apartment style living. Manzanita Square has a type of hotel feeling of living with a key fob and the way the rooms are laid out. 

There’s so many clubs and activities to join on campus. Rushing for sororities, the dance team, the newspaper GGX, etc. It’s easy to not become part of anything, but that’s how you find things you’re passionate about and meet new people. Joining things that are fun to you will make your experience ten times better. Most clubs are on Instagram, and @sanfranciscostate always mentions upcoming dates for them. 

School is important but take your mental health seriously. College takes a toll on many students in different forms. Burnout is real and can happen quick. SFSU offers counselling and psychological services for students for free. They tend to fill up on appointments during November and December in parallel to seasonal depression. If classes are taking a toll on you, academic wise office hours are honestly the best time to have that one on one with professors. It helped a lot being able to ask questions or express concerns of what I need help within the class.  

It may feel like you’re alone at first, but you have a whole city to enjoy! Making friends through discord, bumble bff, clubs, classes, etc. are many ways to go about it. Trust me it’s easy to stay in your room and not have to go to things, but what’s the fun in that? Don’t let people dictate how you want your college semester to go. 

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Hey Everyone! I'm Nadia Castro, a journalism major here at San Francisco State University. I received my Associates degree at Chaffey Community College, and now working on my Bachelor's. Currently, I'm an intern for the journalism department at SF State. Now the fun things about me is that I love to explore and call them "adventures". I love reading books in my spare time, so if you want to gossip about a new read I'm your girl! Anywhere near the water feels like home to me. I'm excited for Her Campus!