What Students Need to Know About the Potential CSU Teacher Strike

 Over the first starting weeks of the spring semester one may have noticed the brightly colored red signs depicting the low pay of csu instructors, the high cost of living, and the csu union's demand for a higher salary amongst teachers, and their threat for going on strike if their conditions are not met. But what would happen if the union's demands are not met, and teachers do decide to walk out of the classroom?

       Students should know that teachers don't necessarily want to go on strike, but unfortunately they will if union demands for fair faculaty wages then the CSU will go on strike. Students shouldn't be extremely worried about not being able to finish their units if teachers do have strike in mid-April, because methods for conducting class out of the classroom will be implemented, such as take home assighments, reading and homework.

      Many campuses across the CSU system have also agreeded to go on strike if needed, but one at a time. For instance, one day SF State may go on strike, and another day San Jose State may decide to go on strike.

      Additionally, if negociations are not reached, campuses will begin to hold meetings called, "Strike Schools", where they will plan on how to manage the strike, according to the California Faculty Association. Another fear amongst students, is that the strike would last for the rest of the semester, and students would be between a rock and a hard place, especially those who are about to graduate and need to finish their classes. However, if a strike does occur, it will only last between April 13th-15th, and April 18th and 19th.

     To surmise, a California Faculty Association strike to gain a 5% increase in equal pay will not negatively effect students. Diane Blair, the CFA president of the Fresno chapter said on the CFA informational website, "this strike, if we have to do it, will not prevent any student from graduating or finishing courses this semester."

For more information on the potential strike, and list of common questions and answers that students pose go to http://www.calfac.org/headline/question-what-does-it-all-mean-students.