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Upcoming Music Festivals and How to Slay Them

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Tips for getting the most out of a music festival and to actually have a good time. 

  1. Bring water

I cannot express how important bringing your own water bottle to a music festival is. It is essential that you stay hydrated as you will be exerting a lot of energy and it might be really hot. You need to stay on top of drinking enough water- that’s undeniable. 

  1. Be prepared for any weather 

Even if you did your research on the expected weather beforehand(which you should also always do), make sure you’re prepared for something unexpected. However, try not an overpack- only bring what is essential. 

  1. Wear sunscreen 

This kind of goes with number 2, but be sure to always wear sunscreen, even if it’s not sunny. And bring sunscreen with you into the festival for reapplication throughout the day. 

  1. Don’t leave valuables out of your sight  

This is sort of a given, but you don’t want to lose your stuff at a festival (or anywhere really). The easiest way to prevent this is to make sure you always have an eye on your valuables. 

  1. Wear comfy shoes 

At music festivals you’re going to be standing for a majority of the day. For this reason, it is pretty much mandatory to wear comfy shoes. If they don’t match your fit you had planned, take both and change. You don’t have to compromise style for comfort. Trust me, Insta doesn’t have to know. 

  1. Bring a portable charger  

Being at a festival, you’re gonna want to document it. As well as just generally being on your phone, this means that your phone will lose battery very quickly. Bring a portable charger to make sure you still have access to it while still capturing the moment. 

  1. Plan meals 

Sometimes if you go to a music festival without planning your meals you might simply forget you have to eat. To avoid this and stay as present as possible, plan out when and where you’re going to eat throughout the day. 

  1. Have a designated meet up spot  

If you’re hitting the festival with friends or a group of people, make sure to have a designated meet up spot so if you decide to split ways you know where to meet up again. This is also helpful so if you get lost, you know where to go to meet your friends. 

  1. Take public transportation

Parking is no joke. If you can, taking public transportation/ an Uber will be a way to prevent having to deal with parking. Just be sure you have a pre-planned ride back. 

  1. Print out a map/ the line-up

Not essential, but it might be easier than having to pull up your phone every time you want to double check something. This would also help you save phone battery in case you don’t have a portable charger on you.  

Okay, so now that you know how to have the best time possible at a music festival, which one to go to? Here’s a list of the hottest music festivals and the vibe they carry. 

  1. Coachella- Indio, CA (April 14th-23rd)

You know it, and you probably came here for it.  


  1. California Roots- Monterey, CA (May 25-28th) 

Taking place at the very spot Jimi Hendrix lit his guitar on fire in 1967, this music festival is all about Reggae, good vibes, love, and happiness. The artists of the line-up, including but not limited to: Dirty Heads, Wu-Tang Clan, and Long Beach Dub Allstars- champion all of those things. 

California Roots Festival 

  1. Bottlerock Napa Valley- Napa, CA (May 26-28th)

In the heart of wine country hosts a music festival with one hell of a line-up. Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Lizzo, Bastille, Post Malone, Lil Nas X, and The Smashing Pumpkins will all be there, will you?

BottleRock Napa Valley 

  1. Just like Heaven Fest- Pasadena, CA (May 13th)

If you are a fan of indie rock, Pasadena is the place to be on May 13th. Artists MGMT, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and M83 are slated to play at this festival which is a celebration of all things totally indie and totally rock. 

Just Like Heaven 

  1. Shaky Knees Festivals- Atlanta, GA (May 5-7th)

Another festival all about indie. This Atlanta line-up is jam packed with some of the most notable indie figures in modern music. Greta van Fleet, Muse, Hozier, Suki Waterhouse, and Cypress Hill are all going to be there to perform to those who live and breathe all things indie. If that’s you, you don’t want to miss this. 

Shaky Knees Music Festival 

  1. Bonnaroo Music Festival- Manchester, TN (June 15-18)

This festival is a true rags to riches story. Starting off as a small, little known festival, it is now hosting artists Foo Fighters, Yung Gravy, Paramore, Korn, Rina Sawayama, and Three 6 Mafia, this festival has become popular for a reason, and head out to Manchester to see why. 


  1. WonderRoad- Indianapolis, IN (June 17-18th)

This is a brand new festival and wow does it come out swinging. Featuring artists Weezer, Local Natives, Coin, and Beach Weather, it’s no wonder all roads will lead to Indianapolis this summer. WonderRoad

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