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Top Three Study Tips For Finals

1. Keep Your Fuel Levels High

Studying for hours on end can leave you feeling like a zombie so always having snacks next to you is key. My personal favourite to have while studying are Lara bars. They’re some of the most natural bars out there because their base is dates and fruit. If you’re not a huge fan of those Kind bars are also a great option and are a bit more like a classic granola bar. Having healthy, low sugar snacks will help you stay focus for longer. Fruit, nuts, veggies and of course drinking tons of water will also help you power through till finals.

2. Allow Yourself Some Breaks

When I’m studying I give myself a break every hour or hour and a half. I either watch a youtube video, a short tv show on netflix or work on something relaxing for a little while like working in a coloring book (if you don’t already own a coloring book please, do yourself a favor and buy one!!) If you happen to be studying in the safety of your own home having a dance break or going for a quick walk around the block can help you feel more energised. If you happen to be in the library moving up or down a floor is a good way to change scenery without putting in too much effort. Just don’t let your study break consume you!


3. Find a Partner

I personally am very reluctant to work with another person while studying. If we happen to be studying for the same class, then sure, but if it’s just for the sake of not being alone I’m more likely to say “no thanks.” But even with my reluctance I have noticed every time I have studied with another person I’ve gotten so much more work done. I think it’s knowing we are both there to better ourselves and get our own stuff done that makes me want to work harder. I always end up getting more things done in a shorter amount of time when I’m with someone. If you’re a natural introvert, like myself, try asking someone in class that you like if they can study with you right after class or later that day. I find I am more likely to stick with plans if I don’t allow myself to go home first.

Good luck studying everyone!

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