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Three Cheap and Easy Halloween Costumes you Can Find in Your Closet

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As Halloween is just around the corner, some of us plan our costumes months in advance and spend hours online finding the perfect pieces to complete the look. Then, there are others who wait until the last minute to rip their closet apart until they can find something “costumey”. This year I’ve put together three Halloween costume ideas that you can pull together from pieces from your closet or super cheap pieces online or from the thrift. Some of my favorite thrift stores in the city are the Goodwill on Fillmore street, and the thrift store Held Over on haight street. Both have reasonable prices with some of the cutest finds that can help you complete your halloween look! Now let’s take a look at some of the costumes I’ve came up with for this year.

  1. Princess Mia from the Princess Diaries
    The classic and beloved princess from the early 2000’s movie series is the perfect Halloween costume for the simple yet elegant girls out there. All you need is three items.
    You’ll need a white dress from your closet, even a white skirt and white top combo would suffice. A pair of headphones, regular buds work too just stay away from any bluetooth earphones as it won’t give off the correct look. And lastly you’ll need a Tiara. This may be the only item you’d need to purchase and there’s tons of cheap options on amazon or even at your nearby halloween store. Putting these three pieces together with a high bun is the perfect and cutest Princess Mia look. If you want to embody the character even more, pairing a pair of black sunglasses and long white gloves with the look would look incredible!
    Here’s a quick tiktok to show you how easy this look is to create! Credits to the creator @vpettorelli on tiktok. https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZT86L9t6q/
  2. Betty Boop
    If you don’t know who Betty Boop is, look her up immediately. She’s one of the cutest and most iconic figures within fashion. Embodying her for halloween is probably the easiest halloween costume you can think of and it’s perfect for the girls who love to dabble in makeup. All you’ll need for this costume is a red dress, shorter the better, and a pair of gold hoops. This costume works best with shorter hair but I think anyone could rock this look. If you want to be even more extravagant with your costume, wear a red garter on your thigh and make sure to have a red lip!
  3. Padme from Star Wars
    Padme, played by the beloved Natalie Portman is an iconic character in the Sci-Fi universe and especially for those who love the Star Wars franchise. She’s an incredibly bad-ass character who also wears some of the cutest costumes in the franchise. To dress up like Padme you’ll need two items of clothing, a White long sleeve top and white shorts or white capri leggings. The shorts can be any material but a more spandex material will always be more comfy. Pair these two items together and try to find a belt, fanny pack or even a rope to just lightly dangle over your waist. To go above and beyond, buying a prop like a gun or weapon would make the halloween photoshoot pop.
    This costume is also super easy to turn into a couples costume! Tiktok Creator @isabellacjansen shows the perfect way to turn this into a duo.
    https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZT86Lwknw/ These costumes are incredibly easy to complete and require minimal effort, and minimal cash. The pieces mentioned in this article can also be used for years after this upcoming halloween as their versatile and staple pieces within our closets. Coming up with costumes is one of the best parts of halloween. However, don’t let it break your bank as you can always come up with something from the items in your closet. Happy Halloween!
Livia Williams

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