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Long distance relationships have always been seen as a “disaster waiting to happen”. However, as I enter my fifth week of a long-distance relationship, I’ve come to the conclusion that these types of partnerships are far from being detrimental. They produce a sense of sublime as well as a feeling of fulfilment. Although these relationships can create enamour within the couple’s bond, it can also build a more mature partnership. Long distance relationships are not easy, and you can’t sugar coat that. Some of us have moved almost thousands of miles from our significant others, and some are just an hour away. 

No matter the distance, in order to find success and true love within long distance relationships we must understand that struggle, tears, anger, loneliness and countless other unfavorable emotions are inevitable. We must always focus on the beauty of these relationships. The ability to love someone from afar is a passionate and romantic sense of admiration. This is something we should think of when we find ourselves frustrated with our new realities. 

The Final Goodbye

         As early august came around, all significant others started to feel a pit in their stomach. The moment they dreaded the most was just around the corner: saying goodbye to their partners. Some dropped their partners off at the airport, others dropped them off at their new university, and others said they’re final goodbyes on their parents’ driveway. The goodbye usually feels like the worst part, when it’s actually one of the loveliest moments to come out of a long-distance relationship. 

You both become extremely vulnerable with one another, you’re able to express emotions you’ve never felt before, and you feel them together. Usually when you feel sadness you often feel it alone. With the goodbye, you have someone who knows exactly how you are feeling, they give you comfort and support while you do the same for them. Sharing emotions with someone, especially someone you romantically adore, is one of the most glorious feelings. 

You feel devastated, but at the same time you feel loved, supported and cared for. We know the goodbye is going to be gut-wrenching and we’ll be a mess on the drive home or walk back into the house, but we also feel a sense of tranquillity. You both know you are in love and you both know you want this to work. The goodbye is just temporary which is why it hurts so bad. Who wants to be apart from the person they love the most? 

But Why are We Apart? 

       A lot of times significant others ponder the question of “Why did they leave?”. Some leave for location, career fields, or sports. But they all leave because of a dream. It’s important that we always consider our partners’ passions and goals within their own life. We always want to imagine our life, but if we don’t let our loved ones do what they’ve always wanted to do we prevent them from growing and becoming they’re most authentic selves. And if we love someone, we want them to grow and feel that fulfilment when they reach their goals and find success.

 Many partners struggle to understand that just because the person you love most has dreams, doesn’t mean that you aren’t their dream. We have goals and passions, but it’s easy to get distracted with both your own and your partner’s goals when the love is so profound and serious. In order to find success within a long-distance relationship or any relationship we must allow room for each other to grow. The ability to grow and reach your goals with someone that’s far from you is one of the most beautiful things. You can show them so much support from afar with words of affirmation and simply being supportive of their decisions and choices no matter how challenging they may have made things. 

         Being in love is a priceless feeling. Long distance is extremely scary and something that all couples feel anxious about. Long distance creates beauty and true love within partnerships. It shows the lengths you will go for each other and tests your communication. If you and your partner can get through long distance you can get through anything. It’s probably one of the hardest moments you two will face, but also one of the most intimate and romantic moments as well. Be supportive of your partners goals and dreams while staying confident is their dream for you. Take this time to grow individually, for yourself and your partner. Getting to grow and find success alone while having someone to share it with will create an indescribable bond between you and partner and will help you both bloom into your very best selves and best relationship. 

Livia Williams

San Francisco '26

Hello! My name is Livia Williams I am currently a second year at SFSU majoring in journalism. I am a huge advocate for social justice issues and find pride in addressing the inequality that sadly still exists within our societies. I like to tell stories from women all over the world and captivate readers into understanding the obstacles they face on a day to day basis. I hope to provide women with a sense of peace when they read my work and gift them with the realization that they are not alone, and we are all in this together.