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Take Safety Into Your Own Hands With BlueLight!

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at San Francisco chapter.

Now that we’re back on campus after a refreshing winter break, the new semester has reunited us with our roomies, chem lab crushes and last but not least, the library. Classes are kicking off, and our workload is mounting before our eyes. Looks like many a trek to the library or Starbucks will be in order—which can sometimes be a bit unnerving once the sun goes down. Our studies are calling, but so are our moms reminding us to be safe on campus!

Enter BlueLight, your new personal safety companion. BlueLight is a safety app that empowers users to head across campus with confidence. You can use it for both emergency situations and for every day safety!

BlueLight is key in emergency situations because it saves majorly on the number one thing you need most: time. You can press the Request Help button to instantly connect you to the closest emergency services; BlueLight will automatically determine if your best option is Campus Security or 911. This app uses GPS to target your exact coordinates and send them to Campus Security, so you don’t have to stop and figure out how to describe your location. Even if you are unable to speak, BlueLight will still be able to send your location and contact info to Campus Security. What’s more, BlueLight can be used for bystander intervention as well.

On the daily, you can assure Mom you’re safe by using the On My Way feature. This functionality allows you to share your location with key contacts (Mom, roomie, S.O.) to let them know you’ve arrived at your destination. On My Way will send automated texts with map links so Mom can even follow your location in real time; you no longer need to send the “Don’t worry, I’m back in my dorm room, home from the libs!” text. Your mom will be thrilled—and she can receive messages from BlueLight even if she does not have the app!

BlueLight is available for both iPhone and Android, so everyone can use this empowering app. Check out the BlueLight website to learn even more; with BlueLight, safety is in your hands!

Allison is a senior at Emory University studying Journalism and the rather complicated major of Interdisciplinary Studies: Visual Studies and Contemporary Cultures. She is slightly obsessed with magazines and has written and edited for Her Campus since its start at Emory her freshman year. At Emory she can generally be found giving tours to prospies, hanging with her ADPi sisters, DJ-ing with WMRE and om-ing in yoga classes. Allison enjoys music, drawing, and fashion, and like most college students she is completely addicted to coffee. After graduation she wants to work in public relations or marketing, but her secret dream is to become Lena Dunham. Follow her on Twitter: @alldayallison