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Sweet Deals on National Cookie Day 2017

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at San Francisco chapter.

National Cookie Day is upon us! This truly is the most wonderful time of the year. I highly advise you to search for bakeries that are having sweet deals today. Many companies and shops advertise themselves on Google or Instagram, but if you don’t get the chance to look them up, I have rounded up a few of the ones that I know of.


  1. Whole Foods

    1. I know Whole Foods can sound intimidating and bougie (which it is), but they do stock some pretty interesting products that can be hard to find elsewhere. If you are not a regular shopper, know that now is the time to visit. The cookie bar, which stocks baked goods unique to each store, will be 50 percent off. Enjoy your pastries somewhat guilt free, since Whole Foods uses cage free eggs and unbleached flour.

  2. Mrs. Fields

    1. The typical cookie spot. Everyone and everyone knows a Mrs. Fields in their area. According to The Mercury News, Mrs. Fields will be offering free cookies to the first 400 customers. The same article also claims that they’ll be offering 40 percent off some products online.

  3. Cinnabon

    1. Cinnabon is utilizing this holiday to release a whole new product. They have been promoting this release like crazy on their Instagram, and though I am not a fan of Cinnabon, I’m actually looking forward to trying this new pastry. Try their Cookie BonBite tomorrow and receive a free 8 oz fairlife milk. You can’t go wrong with milk and cookies.


That’s all I got for you guys. I hope you find delicious deals this National Cookie Day.

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San Francisco

An 18-year-old journalism student at SFSU. Los Angeles native. Very indecisive. Likes to have her cake and matcha lattes, too.