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She Wrote “No Wind Resistance,” but do You Actually Know Kinneret

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at San Francisco chapter.

Kinneret, an independent Jewish-American singer-songwriter, sang and wrote “No Wind Resistance”, which you might know from TikTok. The song is from her album “DMZ” and was the lead single that pairs with a music video that she directed herself. At first, the song received little recognition, but she continuously promoted her music. It wasn’t until around fall of 2020, a little over a year after the song first dropped, that it finally blew up on TikTok. It’s now her most recognizable song, garnering close to 57 million streams on Spotify. 

As mentioned before, Kinneret is an independent artist. She does everything by herself, from producing, writing, singing, and directing music videos. She occasionally collaborates with other people, but it’s all run by her.  By the very definition, she is indie. But her music has been categorized as electro-pop, alternative, and indie. Her music takes the form of these genres, while her lyrics tend to follow the theme of space, science, and relating those to her life. 

I’ve found that her music makes it incredibly easy to focus on tasks, especially when you replay the same song repeatedly (which is how “No Wind Resistance” first blew up). Her music ‘scratches an itch in your brain’, which is to say that it has a lot going on instrumentally, but it all comes together in a pleasant and satisfying way. Another way to describe her music is ‘colorful’, which might be a weird way to describe music, but it makes sense if you’ve listened to it. It is also ‘overstimulating’, which can have a negative connotation, but in this situation, it is meant in the best way possible. 

Although “No Wind Resistance ” gained a lot of traction, a lot of people still aren’t familiar with the rest of her discography. She has a second album called “Open Sea”, which was released in 2020, the lead single being “Open Sea”. She has other singles, including “Drew You a Picture”, “Lizzy Feels Dizzy!”, and “Mushroom Biome ”. She has collabed with other producers, such as Eternal Bushido, and Okayceci to make “falling on me”. “Mushroom Biome” is a personal favorite, but honestly all her music is a homerun and a ten out of ten. 

She is fairly active on social media, utilizing TikTok to show off her personality to her fans in a more intimate and unique way. If you follow her, you’ll be treated to quirky little videos about her and her lifestyle. Her social media presence is a visual representation of her music, which can be a bit hard to pin down in words. While she is active on social media, especially TikTok, she hasn’t released much music since her last album, her most recent song being “Lizzy Feels Dizzy!”. 

But that is about to change, as she has announced that she is working on a new album, and while she hasn’t mentioned a release date, her fans are most definitely excited. Even though there isn’t a set date on her album, she has announced the release date for a new single, called “Learn my Name” which is set to release on September 15, and fans cannot wait. 

If you thought “No Wind Resistance” was a good song, you should take this opportunity to listen to her other music before she releases her highly anticipated single, and eventually her album. Add her songs to your hype, study, or just “vibes” playlist and experience the full extent of her unique artistry and self-expression. 

Tori Ramirez

San Francisco '25

Hi, I'm Tori. My pronouns are she/they. I love to read and write and use both of those hobbies to escape for a little while. My favorite book series are "The Folk of the Air" and "Caraval". I also love to listen to music, basically 24/7. A few of my favorites are Lana del Rey, She Wants Revenge, and Kinneret. I always keep up to date on the fashion trends and what's going on on the internet. I prefer cats over dogs and I think that chocolate is kind of overrated.