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Resetting and Refreshing After Your Long Week of Midterms

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The school year has been in motion for some time now and as we enter our eight week of studies, the stress of midterms might begin weighing a little heavier than usual. Although abstaining from procrastination is ideal, we all know it is inevitable. In this time of heavy workload, there’s nothing quite like taking a breath and hitting submit on your final assignment of the week, although, it’s hard not to let the knowledge that another week of work is coming up ahead overwhelm your sense of achievement and peace. In order to really savor these few moments of stillness and accomplishment before more assignments begin to flow in, it is important to practice self-care and do a weekly reset. During my weekly reset I try to keep the headspace of appreciation for the hard work I have done and also preparation for what is to come. This can look like so many different things, here are some examples that I practice to reset after a long week that will hopefully provide you with some inspiration.

Clean your room

 Yes this may seem like even more work, however with a little music and some dedicated time, cleaning my room is one of my favorite ways to practice self care. I put on my favorite cozy playlist and whether I have the time and energy to do a deep clean or to just clear off my bed, the act helps me feel prepared for the upcoming week and appreciative of the safe space I have created for myself.

Watching shows or movies

Sometimes when you are so caught up in business, it can be hard to take time to do things that are not deemed ‘productive’. When I take time to fully devote my attention and enjoy a movie or show (not just have it on in the background while I work), it is a peak reminder that you have accomplished so much and it is okay to not always be productive.

Eat a nice meal

Test your hand at cooking with a fun new recipe, or treat yourself to that takeout you have been dreaming about all week. Although it is always the perfect time to savor a delicious meal, nothing says self care better than indulging after a long week of hard work.


plain, old fashioned sleep. Some deem sleeping as lazy because you are not being productive, but the entire point of a weekly reset is relaxation. I know I certainly have missed out on many hours of sleep trying to turn in work and get everything done. Listen to your body, and if it says you need rest, nothing will reset and refresh  you for the week to come quite like sleeping.

Piper Rea

San Francisco '24

Hi all! I'm Piper (she/her) I am a communication major here at San Francisco State with a minor in education. Some things that I love are swimming, trying new creative hobbies, being around animals(especially dogs), and concerts:)