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Palestinian-Owned Restaurants To Support in the Bay Area 

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at San Francisco chapter.

In light of the devastating international affairs occurring in the world right now, I believe that we as a people and society are still capable of making an impact, however small or large that may be. 

As a student struggling to make ends meet working and studying full time, it can be hard for your finances to align with your own moral and activist wants such as donations or funding but that does not mean that there are no other ways to show your support. Whether it be by attending demonstrations, spreading awareness, boycotting large corporations, or simply attending the businesses of those affected. 

So whatever the reason may be, whether you are in the mood for some delicious food or if you simply would like to show your support for a country in need, here are some Palestinian-owned restaurants located in San Francisco that you can visit. 

  1. Reem’s California, located in the heart of 24th St. in the Mission District and founded by Reem Assil, a chef with a passion for Arab flavors and vibrant communities, serves Arab hospitality through a modern street corner bakery.
  1. Mama Lamees, located at 2948 Folsom St in San Francisco, Lamees Dahbour is a passionate chef that has traveled all throughout the Middle East as an employee of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, which inspired her to blend her experiences with all the flavors and cuisine she was introduced to to create authentic dishes with her own special twist. 
  1. Seniore’s Pizza has two locations in San Francisco, one on 456 Haight St. and one on 2415 19th Ave, both serving delicious and quick pizza slices and whole pies with a focus on flavor, quality, and customer service. 
  1. Sidewalk Juice has multiple locations throughout San Francisco, one even being at SFO! They are all about fresh, organic, delicious ingredients that actually aid you in being the best version of you. They started out on the literal streets of San Francisco and have now expanded beyond them, definitely worth a visit on your next hike or after you hit the gym. 
  1. Abu Salim is a Middle Eastern Grill located on 1599 Haight St in San Francisco that has gained popularity on TikTok and other socials for its delicious modern twist on classic middle eastern cuisine such as Shawarma fries and other entrees. It is the perfect place to visit on a day where you are out and about on Haight St! 

Ultimately, it can be difficult for us to get lost in the sea of misinformation and misguidance but it is up to us to decipher how to contribute to a cause we believe in. If you aren’t sure how to aid the Palestinian cause, this is an easy way to do so. Get out there and enjoy delicious food whilst still supporting their liberation!

Galilea Madrid

San Francisco '25

Hi hi! My name is Galilea Madrid & I'm from Los Angeles, California. I'm currently a Biology major with a concentration in Ecology, Evolution and Conservation at San Francisco State aspiring to become a future veterinarian. I'm passionate about a multitude of topics such as pop culture, film, music, literature, fashion, activism, politics, and sustainability. I love live music, reading, astronomy, writing, traveling, and the ocean! ✩ follow me on insta & twitter at @galil8a ✩