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Outfit Tips for Awkward Weather Days in SF

If you live in San Francisco, chances are that you are very used to the term ‘partly cloudy’. Of course, we are fairly lucky to live here because at least it doesn’t snow here. It also isn’t the typical weather non-Californians think of when thinking of California. You can’t get away with you shorts and a tank top here.

Here are some outfit tips for those awkward weather days in San Francisco.

1. Keep a lot of cardigans

Printed or plain anything to help keep you warm. This way if you get too warm, you can just take it off.



Some of our favorites come from Madewell, and Lulu's


2. Keep lots of light jackets

Same thing as the sweaters, it is almost always 65 degrees in San Francisco. I know I might get ready to go to school and throw on a jacket, but after two classes I end up taking it off. By using a light jacket, I can still be comfortable without sweating in a heavy sweater.



 Some of our favorite light jackets come from asos.com.


3. Sneakers or slip ons are your best bet

Your feet will most likely get too cold wearing sandals and boots might be too heavy for chilly weather. You never know if you could end up sitting in the sun after class or work. Nothing is worse than sweaty feet.


Some of our favorite styles can be found also at Nordstrom

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