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Our Mid-Semester Survival Kit is Here!

Does that mid-semester slump have you feeling like you just can’t even? It’s as if Spring break came and gone faster than a celebrity marriage, and it feels harder than ever to get back into our regular routine. If only there was some type of kit or guide that can help get over that mid-semester slump. You know, something that can help us slay through the rest of the semester? Oh wait – there is! HerCampus’s mid-semester survival kits are here and I must say, they are super handy! These essentials will help you conquer the semester like the bad B you are! Check out the videos below to get the ins-and-outs of our survival kit essentials. 

Nancy is demonstrating the Milani Ultra Fine Liquid Eyeliner colors as swatches – these colors are MUST haves!  

Celeste is showcasing Brappz Multi-Functional Bra Straps as a stylish choker necklace. Versatile and trendy – who knew bra straps could be so fun? 

You can find the aforementioned products at the following websites:

Brappz – www.brappz.com

Milani Ultra Fine Liquid Eyeliner – www.milanicosmetics.com

Until next time ladies! Don’t forget – only 8 more weeks, and with these essentials, nothing can stop us! 







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